[Pic/Scan] 130522 Boyfriend – Haru * Hana (Japanese Magazine)

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[Pic/Scan] 130505 Boyfriend at High Cut Magazine

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[Interv/Trans] 130423 Boyfriend – “CanCam” June Issue (Japanese Magazine) Qs & As

Magazine Scans can be found here: [Scan] 130423 Boyfriend – “CanCam” June Issue (Japanese Magazine)


Donghyun: “Even if she’s late for a date, I’ll wait. I’m not a person who is really strict about the time”

Q. Do you have a secret about the members?
A. Actually. Recently Minwoo doesn’t shower and head straight to bed. Sorry, Minwoo.

Q. What do want your girl to call you?
A. I like “Oppa”. I can already imagine the voice calling me “Oppa” so I want to be called like that.

Q. You would contact your girl 15 times a day, correct? Or no?
A. No!
15 times is just too little!
If we are together and I will think about her often so contacting her 1000 times a day is better (laughs) If you’re wondering why, well it’s because I really like that girl.

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