[Pic/Trans] 130522 Minwoo – Boyfriend’s Twitter update

[B.F민우] 다들 뭐하려나 지금~~ ㅎㅎ
우린 좀전에 저녁먹었는데 다들 밥먹었어요?! 먹었겠구나..아 그리구 담주에 깜짝선물이 있어요 좀만 기다려요~ 기대해도 좋습니다~~!글구 아프지말고!!알겠죠? 잘자요! pic.twitter.com/UiAgab1j12

English Translation:
[B.F Minwoo] What is everyone doing now~~ ㅎㅎ
We eat our dinner just now, have everyone eaten?! Should eat..Ah and next week we have a surprise gift, please wait a little~ Expect it would be good~~!and do not get hurt!!Understand,right? Goodnight! pic.twitter.com/UiAgab1j12

Source: Boyfriend’s Official Twitter
Translation by: @G_Girlfriend


[Pic/Trans] 130511 Donghyun Twitter Update


[B.F동현] 드림 콘서트 와서 응원해준 우리 베프들 너무 고마워요♥♥ 내년에도 이 자리에서 또봐요?ㅋㅋ 오늘 날도 더워서 힘들었을텐데 집까지 조심히 들어가고 오빠 꿈꿔^^

English Trans:

[B.F Donghyun] Thank you so much our Bestfriend that come and cheer us at Dream Concert♥♥ Next year will see you again in this place?ㅋㅋ Today’s weather is so hot, very tired, get back to home safely, dream of oppa^^

translated by Girlfriend

Source:Best Boyfriend(FB Fan Page)

[Pic/Trans] 130424 Minwoo – Boyfriend’s Twitter update

[B.F민우] 우리 데뷔한지 700일 됐어요! 많은분들이 축하해주셔서 더 기쁘고 감사해요! 그동안 추억도 되돌아보고~정말 시간 빠른거 같아요!! 한국에서도 좋은 소식! 들려드릴께요~ 좀만 더 기다려주세용~~뿅♥ pic.twitter.com/MWatCgjQSR

English Translation:
[B.F Minwoo] It has been 700 days since our debut! A lot of people congratulated us so we’re happy and thankful! Looking back at the memories we made time really flies by fast!! There’s also a good news in Korea! I’ll let you know~ Please wait a little longer~~Ppyong♥ pic.twitter.com/MWatCgjQSR

source: @G_Boyfriend
translations by: weloveboyfriend.wordpress.com

[Pic/Trans] 130424 Kwangmin – Boyfriend’s Twitter update

Original tweet: [B.F광민] 여러분 생일 축하해주셔서 너무 감사해요!!! 오늘 데뷔 700일도 되는날이라 2배 20배로 기뻐요!^^ 앞으로도 더 열심히 하는 광민이 그리고 쌍둥이가 되겠습니다♡ pic.twitter.com/5jGNYh9oZM

English translation: [B.F Kwangmin] Thank you so much for the birthday greetings everyone!!! Today is also our 700th day since debut so I feel 2 times 20 better!^^ In the future I would be a more hardworking Kwangmin and twin♡ pic.twitter.com/5jGNYh9oZM

Source: Boyfriend’s Official Twitter
Translation by: weloveboyfriend.wordpress.com

[Trans] 130421 Donghyun – Boyfriend’s Twitter update

Original tweet: [B.F동현] 쓰촨성 지진…많이 놀라시고 힘드실거라 생각됩니다. 아직도 여진이 있다는데 너무 걱정이되네요ㅠㅠ 더 이상 아무일 없기를 저희도 기도하겠습니다. 힘내세요!!!

English translation: [B.F Donghyun] Sichuan earthquake…I was so shocked and thought it’d be difficult. There is still aftershocks and I’m so worried about itㅠㅠ We will pray that it will not happen anymore. Be strong!!!

Source: Boyfriend’s Official Twitter
Translation by: @G_Girlfriend

[Pic/Trans] 130418 Youngmin – Boyfriend’s Twitter update

Original tweet:
[B.F영민] 1 더하기 1은 귀요미가 아니라… 팝콘같은 꽃잎이~~~ 예쁜 봄에!! 오늘 케이윌 형님이 1위 후보라고 합니다!^^ 여러분 많이 응원해주세요~ 꼭꼭!! pic.twitter.com/548khnAfsw

English translation:
[B.F Youngmin] 1 plus 1 gwiyomi is not what I meant… Petals like popcorn~~~ Beautiful in the spring!! K.Will hyung is 1st place today!^^ Everyone please cheer a lot~ chew chew!! pic.twitter.com/548khnAfsw

Source: Boyfriend’s Official Twitter
Translation by: @G_Girlfriend