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Hello everyone.

First of all, we’d like to thank everyone who has always been visiting weloveBoyfriend.

I’m afraid we have a sad news. Unfortunately, weloveBoyfriend will be onHiatus for quite a while. We’re pretty sure everyone noticed that we stopped posting. weloveBoyfriend staffs were always dedicated on updating – we’ve been juggling between life, school and being a staff on weloveBoyfriend. As time passes, Boyfriend got well-known and famous (which is a good thing) and piles of Article, Photos and all-things Boyfriend started to come up every hour and we couldn’t keep up anymore considering the small amount of Staffs we have.

We ask for all your understanding on this matter. We decided to leave the blog up just in-case it might be useful in the future and also, just in-case the blog might come back from Hiatus one day soon once everything is stable.

We would like to apologize to all BestFriends and weloveBoyfriend fans for leaving so suddenly and also for the late notice. And we would also like to thank every single viewer of weloveBoyfriend for all your endless support on weloveBoyfriend and towards Boyfriend themselves as well.

We hope to see Boyfriend be successful in the future and gaining a lot of fans. We wish everyone well. Thank you so much for your time.

Goodbye – for now,
from weloveBoyfriend Staffs.

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Hello weloveBoyfriend viewers.

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[♥] Happy 25th Birthday Kim Donghyun!


Hello to all readers and viewers of weloveBoyfriend!

First of all, we would want to thank you for visiting weloveBoyfriend and making us one of your number 1 source for your Boyfriend needs.

The date today is February 12th and that could only mean one thing to us BestFriends! It’s leader Donghyun’s birthday! Donghyun turns 25 (in Korea) today (and 24 internationally). Donghyun is not only the leader of Boyfriend but he has a bigger responsibilities, he is also the leader to all BestFriends all over the world!

Donghyun has also posted an entry on the Fan-Cafe about celebrating his birthday with the members. The kids from Hello Baby, Ilayda and little Jeongmin, also greeted Donghyun through Hello Baby’s Twitter.

We hope Donghyun had an amazing time celebrating his birthday with the members of Boyfriend, Starship family, staffs, his loved ones and whoever involved. Even if Boyfriend has a schedule on his birthday, we hope today will be a memorable day for Donghyun! Even if Donghyun grows older, we will always wish the best for his health and happiness.

On the other hand, BestFriends worldwide celebrated Donghyun’s birthday by trending #BFLeaderDay. We would like to thank everyone who participated!

Let’s keep on fighting for Donghyun and Boyfriend! Fighting!

Happy birthday leader Donghyun, we love you!
생일 축하합니다 우리 리더 동현, 너무 사랑해요!

weloveBoyfriend Staffs & Worldwide BestFriends