[News] 130615 Jeongmin Receives Emergency Surgery for Appendicitis

Boyfriend‘s Jeongmin has received emergency surgery for appendicitis.

His label Starship Entertainment said, “Yesterday after his Japanese schedule, he started having stomach pains, so we took him to a nearby local hospital, and they told us to go to the nearest big hospital for surgical procedures. So we immediately transferred him to the Gangnam General Hospital. There he was diagnosed with acute appendicitis.

With Jeongmin’s emergency appendectomy surgery, it’ll be hard for him to attend any schedules in the near-future. Starship Entertainment said, “Jeongmin probably won’t be appearing at his events tomorrow. After that, we’re going to adjust his schedule based on his recovery time.



[Pic/Fantaken] 130515 Boyfriend at SOPA K-pop Culture Festival

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[Pic] 130515 Minwoo – Boyfriend’s Daum Cafe: Real-Time update

 [Minwoo] ‘ㅅ’

I took this photo when reading secretlyㅋㅋㅋ Resting place have a lot of interesting things’ㅅ’ㅋㅋ It’s a long time didn’t go to Changwon and very happy~~ Get back safely♡


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[Pic/Trans] 130511 Donghyun Twitter Update


[B.F동현] 드림 콘서트 와서 응원해준 우리 베프들 너무 고마워요♥♥ 내년에도 이 자리에서 또봐요?ㅋㅋ 오늘 날도 더워서 힘들었을텐데 집까지 조심히 들어가고 오빠 꿈꿔^^

English Trans:

[B.F Donghyun] Thank you so much our Bestfriend that come and cheer us at Dream Concert♥♥ Next year will see you again in this place?ㅋㅋ Today’s weather is so hot, very tired, get back to home safely, dream of oppa^^

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[Pic] 130512 Boyfriend at Dream Concert Red Carpet

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[Pic/Scan] 130505 Boyfriend at High Cut Magazine

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