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We are looking for new staffs that can update dailywork hard and contribute a lot to WeloveBoyfriend. Experience is not required, we can teach you.
Open Positions
  • Translator: Translating articles, interviews, tweets etc. to english
    Requirement → Fluent in Korean, Japanese, or Chinese
  • Photo Uploader: Upload batches of fan taken, scans, or any other type of photos
    Requirement → Have access to fan-site that distribute photos of Boyfriend (some websites are listed here)
If you are interested in any of these two positions, please fill in the form below, and leave it in the comment box or email it to if you do not want it to be publicize.
Nationality (specific):
Where do you live
Your email (We will reply to this email):
Which position (translator/photo uploader)?
Any experience? (If yes, put the website)
How much can you post in a week?
How are you going to contribute to our website?
Anything that you wanted to let us know:
Thank you~

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