01. Absolutely NO BASHING towards Boyfriend or individual members of Boyfriend as well as any other artist mentioned in this blog. Also, respect weloveBoyfriend’s staffs and other fans on this blog.

02. DO NOT EDIT WATERMARKS of photos. Whether it is watermarks of weloveBoyfriend or any other site, do not remove or add in your own watermarks. Source-fans make a lot of effort to take photos of Boyfriend for us to see therefore we shall remove or edit their watermark (without permission).

03. Take out download links with credits. If you wish to share download links (provided by weloveBoyfriend) outside the blog, you are free to do so. But we deeply appreciate if you do not remove the credit.

04. Take out translations (by weloveBoyfriend) with credits. You are free to translate them into another language of your choice. If you were guided by our translations to translate into another language, we’d appreciate if you would credit our work.

05. LEAVE A COMMENT! Commenting motivates us to do our work. No matter how short or how long your comment is, we would always appreciate it.

06. Keep your words clean from cursing or tolerating. Keep everything clean as this blog is open to the public and fans of all ages.

Thank you!


56 thoughts on “Rules

  1. thank you very much for the effort, because of this all bestfriends all over the world is updated about our beloved Boyfriend.

  2. I should like to express my gratitude for all that you have done : work hard and update news swiftly. We all know you must be tired sometimes but plz, keep going and make it out of this world , all for Boyfriend and Bestfriends <3
    Respect from Viet Nam <3

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