Boyfriend is a South Korean boy band that consists of 6 members (Donghyun, Hyunsung, Jeongmin, Youngmin, Kwangmin and Minwoo) debuting under Starship Entertainment (also the same company for K.Will and SISTAR) on May 26th 2011 on M!Countdown stage with their single album, “Boyfriend”. However before their debut, some members had already appeared on Sistar and K.will music videos and performances as back-up dancers.

Group name: BoyFriend (보이프렌드 | 보프)
Members: Donghyun (동현), Hyunseong (현성), Jeongmin (정민), Youngmin (영민), Kwangmin (광민), Minwoo (민우)
Company: STARSHIP Entertainment (2011 – present)
Debut date: May 26th, 2011
Debut stage: May 26th, 2011 – Mnet M! Countdown – “Intro (Let’s Get It Started)” and “BoyFriend”
Debut track: “BoyFriend”
Official fanclub: BestFriend (베스트프렌드 | 베프)

Official Links: BoyFriend’s Official Site Page | BoyFriend’s Official Japan Site | STARSHIP Ent YouTube | BoyFriend’s Official Japan YouTube | BoyFriend’s Facebook | BoyFriend’s Twitter | BoyFriend’s Daum Cafe | BoyFriend’s Official Japan Twitter

Awards and nominations:

Year Program Category Result
2011 13th Mnet Asian Music Awards Best New Male Artist Nominated
SBS MTV Best Of the Best Hot Debut Star Nominated
SBS MTV Best Of the Best Best New Artist Won
3rd Philippine KPOP Convention Rookie of the Year Won
26th Golden Disk Awards Best New Artist Won
21st Seoul Music Awards Best Newcomer Award Won
allkpop Awards Best Rookie Artist Won
gokpop Best New Artist Won
2012 allkpop Awards Rising Star Nominated
2013 27th Japan Gold Disc Awards Best 3 New Artists (Asia) Won

Random Facts & Quotes:
01. The members are not allowed to have cellphones
02. Boyfriend look up to Big Bang and TVXQ
03. Boyfriend agree that they would eat breakfast together every morning
04. Boyfriend goal is to get this year “Rookie Award”
05. Boyfriend wear group rings, not just the Jo twins
06. The members like “Love Song” by Big Bang
07. Jeongmin and Hyunseong wasnt included in the original line-up for BoyFriend
08. Youngmin, Kwangmin and Minwoo used the name “BoyFriend16” for their UCC Mission for Mnet M!PICK
09. “Ppyong” is commonly used by BoyFriend and BestFriends, it was started by members of SISTAR19 – the mission fairies – that ends their message by saying “Ppyong” on Mnet M!PICK
10. For Mnet M!PICK, BoyFriend got to be waiters for the day
11. After Boyfriend’s debut they can’t get in touch with friends, so their friends came directly to the music television.
12. BoyFriend’s fan-club name was chosen by creating a ‘fan-club naming contest’ and voting.
13. Before the name “BestFriend” was decided to be BoyFriend’s fanclub name, fans uses “Girlfriend” and “Bestfriend” to call themselves a BoyFriend fan.
14. In the practice room, Boyfriend members would sit and practice cute poses until they get high blood pressure
15. The original line-up for the members of BoyFriend were rumored to include Sunho, Yunho and TNT – who didnt get to debut in BoyFriend.
16. All the members said that they missed their family and wanted to see them if they have a day-off
17. The members said that the Coffee Prince and the awkward acting was their most memorable part of their Mnet M!pick
18. Boyfriend chose “Best Friend” as their fan-club name, it was revealed on
August 11th 2011
19. ” I’ve always wonder, how does it feel when thousands of people sings the song ‘Boyfriend’ on our concert? So we really want to have our own concert. We get jealous when we watch our sunbaenim’s concert. The feeling is exciting.” -Donghyun
20. Donghyun hopes that BoyFriend would be a popular group like Girls’ Generation.
21. The members of BoyFriend went to see K.Will’s concert on June 25, 2011 after a stage performance earlier
22. “Living together is really fun, but there’s one thing that’s uncomfortable. Hyunsung and I have to lose weight while the dongsengs are so skinny, they have to gain weight. The dongsengs will come home after completing our schedules and eat a lot, but Hyunsung and I can only watch them eat.” -Donghyun
23. BoyFriend is close with their labelmates, K.Will and SISTAR
24. “We want to pursue music that is entirely Boyfriend in style.” -Donghyun
25. BoyFriend wishes to win a rookie award in the Year-End Awards
26. BoyFriend earned the nicknames “cutie-dol”, “pet-dol” and “boyfriend-dol” because of their cute image for their debut track
27. BoyFriend got on SBS Inkigayo’s Take 7 once for their debut track “Boyfriend”
28. Their album “Boyfriend” was once placed second for “Most Popular Album” at Tower Records, Japan in the K-POP section
29. “Many people knows about our career in the past, but we also want to show them our music and get into it.” -Youngmin
30. Their self-titled debut single, “Boyfriend“, was created by the famous composer, Brave Brothers.
31. The members practiced eight hours a day for two months to perfect their performance.
32. Boyfriend is often mistaken for being a group that wants to succeed with their looks, but they’ve made it certain that they want to be recognized for their musical talents.
33. BoyFriend felt awkward with their group name at first
34. “With the exception of the chorus, the choreography is very difficult because it is broken up to fit different beats. Dancing and singing simultaneously was really hard for us, especially at first.” -Donghyun
35. “I sometimes wonder how fortunate Youngmin and Kwangmin are to be able to tell each other everything. No matter how close we are as members, it isn’t easy to bring up personal thoughts.” -Donghyun
36. “To us, our fans are like our girlfriends.” -Donghyun [with Star Interview]
37. “During activities such as public fansigning events, the fans would bring packed lunches they prepared themselves for us. It feels like they are meeting with their boyfriends who have gone to serve in the army. I also think of our fans as girlfriends.” -Minwoo [with Star Interview]
38. Interviewer: “Can you briefly tell us your future target?”
Donghyun: “We’ve prepared so many events for our fans this time. There were also fansigning events. Meeting our fans up close during fansigning events.. There’s also 700 Lucky Discs.. a golden coloured disc.. Those who received the CD are invited to our fanmeeting next year. It’s a chance to meet our fans. We get to meet our fans through all these chances.” [with Star Interview] (36-38, cr: boyfriend-champion)
39. Donghyun once revealed that BoyFriend practices arounf 8 – 9 hours a day and sleep for only 4 to 5 hours a day. (cr: boyfriend-champion NHK Tokyo Intrview)
40. More additional facts from NEW STAR magazine (Chinese Magazine)
41. More additional facts from Trendy Idol Magazine No. 29
42. Boyfriend picked themselves as their rivals and according to Jeongmin, by doing so they would want to always improve themselves.
43. According to Minwoo, Boyfriend members likes all of the members of SNSD.
44. Competing against SNSD, Boyfriend won and get to perform on Daum Fan-cafe Special Stage on M! Countdown.
45. All Boyfriend members sleep in one room with 3 pairs of bunk beds. [W Academy]
46. Boyfriend’s dorm is filled with fans’ gifts. [W Academy]
47. Boyfriend has their signed poster put up in their dorm’s living room [W Academy]
48. Boyfriend has 2 originally bed-rooms in their dorm – one has become their bedroom and the other has become a closet. [W Academy]
49. All of Boyfriend members failed their english test except for Donghyun who passed and Minwoo’s result was not told. [W Academy]
50. All of Boyfriend members passed their Japanese language test. [W Academy]
51. Boyfriend held a Japanese debut showcase at Budokan, Japan and gathered more than 40,000 fans over 4 days – breaking Girls’ Generation’s record!
52. Jeongmin revealed that Boyfriend has a dating ban, and the CEO said if they want to date they have to quit the group. However, all the Boyfriend members expressed that they want to have a girlfriend and date.
53. In Japan, Boyfriend likes to eat Ramen and Meat. They would usually go to a Ramen or Meat restaurant after finishing their schedule in Japan. [@star1 Magazine: facts 53-57]
54. Minwoo said JANUS’s choreography is really hard. To the point where he feels like collapsing, throwing up and dying the first few times dancing to it.
55. Boyfriend would chat or play games or watch movie during their free time in the dorm
56. Donghyun reveals that Boyfriend watches ‘Walking Dead’ and are huge fans of ‘Infinity Challenge’.
57. Donghyun said that Boyfriend has been practicing for their JANUS promotion and Japan activities for almost every night.
58. When asked, “What makes Boyfriend different from other idol groups?” – they answered: “Our group name already makes us different. We want the public to able to approach us just like they would real friends. Instead of one specific image we are able to show various sides of ourselves.”
59. Boyfriend revealed that the 1st episode of Hello Baby was the hardest because the babies kept crying and kept looking for their mothers.
60. Q. Do you ever fight? | A. All: We sometimes have disagreements during practice, but we always manage to solve them with words. We’re all cool like that. {58-60 from DongA interview}


32 thoughts on “BoyFriend

  1. As much as I love Boyfriend and their personalities, there is a sad part to it; Donhyun and Hyunseong have to go on diets to stay ‘physically appealing’ in the eyes of Starship Entertainment, all of the members are not allowed cell phones, they are not allowed to date, they can’t visit their families or friends, they hardly have any spare time, they work tirelessly for hours, rehearsing and exercising to the point were they collapse and all six of them sleep in only one room. Their company and managers only broadcast what viewers want to see and hear so not many people know about the dark side of Kpop, fans go about oblivious of the immense pressure and strict standards that their idols have to achieve and uphold throughout their career. Awareness of this rarely shown, dark side of Kpop needs to be exposed fully so that our idols can live their lives fairly, it’s not just Boyfriend and Starship entertainment, lots of major Korean music industries overwork and mistreat their bands, but YOU CAN HELP BOYFRIEND and many other Kpop bands just by sharing and spreading the awareness so that the Kpop industry can change the way it treats its artists.

  2. hi , im from iran . can you chenge the name group ? beacouse fun , the word boyfrined in iran just filter! this group in iran was very famous but all iranian fan is crying beacouse the boyfriend word is filter!:(

    we very sad for this . i am big fan for boyfriend group kpop ! but in iran can not the note topic for this group !:(

  3. 10 thumbs up for all of them they were all so cool,the fact that aside from good looking they got them..stay the same

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