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Hello. Thank you so much for visiting weloveBoyfriend.

As you all know, weloveBoyfriend’s motto is “Bringing together worldwide BestFriends♥”. Here, we would want to explain that weloveBoyfriend is a place where BestFriends from all over the world can connect.

However, we know that we are lacking in a lot of aspects. We are always thinking of ways to improve weloveBoyfriend to where we promote both BestFriends and Boyfriend. Our main aim is to maintain BestFriends as they are and gain new fans for Boyfriend. We would like everyone to know that there would still be a lot of room for new BestFriends to join.

So, we would want to know your opinions. What do you think of weloveBoyfriend? What do you want to see in weloveBoyfriend? What are we missing in order to make weloveBoyfriend a “BestFriend Connecting” site? How can we improve?

Please drop your thoughts below in the comment section! We’d be sure to read them out and consider. We will try to make your needs available on weloveBoyfriend.


16 thoughts on “Comment & Suggestions

  1. Boyfriend Rocks! Thanks to weloveboyfriend for facts ad photos of them!! By the way can i get some of photos here because I collect pics of them to put in my scrapbook

    • Thank you so much for visiting weloveBoyfriend *^^* Photos can be taken out, as long as you give a full credits to the original sources.

  2. I love this site! But also, i want to know how to keep in touch of them, specially Kwanggie oppa. Is there a way? On Sending gifts? Messages with them?

    • Thank you so much. you can follow them on Twitter (, like their Official Facebook account ( and also join their Daum Cafe ( About sending gifts, you can send them directly to STARSHIP’s Company

      1~3F Sunho B/D, 577-92 Banpo-Dong, Seocho-Gu, Seoul, Korea
      (taken from STARSHIP Ent’s Official Facebook)

  3. I love BOYFRIEND, and i love weloveboyfriend :)
    thank u to reply my message before.
    I want to ask about BOYFRIEND address, and how’s the rules should BESTFRIEND to obey if we want to send BOYFRIEND some letters??
    i will be so glad if weloveboyfriend look for this information, and i think all of bestfriend would be happy too…
    -thank u ;)

  4. i really really do hope that someone finishes subbing W boyfriend academy :D and can you please make 1 long post about all the eng subbed vides of bf academy

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