[Interv/Trans] 130423 Boyfriend – “CanCam” June Issue (Japanese Magazine) Qs & As

Magazine Scans can be found here: [Scan] 130423 Boyfriend – “CanCam” June Issue (Japanese Magazine)


Donghyun: “Even if she’s late for a date, I’ll wait. I’m not a person who is really strict about the time”

Q. Do you have a secret about the members?
A. Actually. Recently Minwoo doesn’t shower and head straight to bed. Sorry, Minwoo.

Q. What do want your girl to call you?
A. I like “Oppa”. I can already imagine the voice calling me “Oppa” so I want to be called like that.

Q. You would contact your girl 15 times a day, correct? Or no?
A. No!
15 times is just too little!
If we are together and I will think about her often so contacting her 1000 times a day is better (laughs) If you’re wondering why, well it’s because I really like that girl.

Q. New single’s main point?
A. Pretty lyrics. Spring is the season for new beginnings. So like having a song that touches the heart, maybe a Spring-like ballad song.

Q. Which members makes the best dad?
A. Hmm, could it be me? (laughs) Looking after children is very fun so I think I make a good father.

Q. How would you celebrate your anniversary with your girl?
A. I want to make her a surprise.


Hyunseong: Most recent memory in Japan was “Charger! Do you know valuable that is? (laughs)”

Q. Which member gets ready the fastest?
A. I think it’s Youngmin? Eventhough Minwoo wakes up the best in the morning but, Youngmin just got ready the fastest. Me? I don’t really do [get ready fast]. (laugh)

Q. Your ideal first date?
A. Watch a movie together, eat together, go to a Cafe to get delicious Coffee …. what am I saying. I want to have a, what you call ‘normal’ kind of date.

Q. Should a woman confess? Or no?
A. You are welcome to do so. (laughs) If you have feelings for each other, that should be good right? So a woman’s confession would be nice.

Q. If you were someone else’s child, which member would you like to be your father?
A. (The members laughs to the question) Kwangmin. It’s because his eye-level [T/N: as in his personality and his age] is closer like a child, so he’s quite fun. He’s fun to be around with and he’ll play along.

Q. What to you want to do to your girl if you can
A. (shy) Sing her songs.

Q. You guys have a lot of Japan activities lately, but which one was the most impressive to you
A. The showcase last Christmas in Nippon Budokan. The place where we had a performance was really big so it was really nice.


Jeongmin: “Confession? (To get an immediate response) Talk to me, about it! If you ask me why, because am I not a man. On our anniversary I will write and give her a letter.”

Q. Who is the most spoiled member?
A. Kwangmin. He has aegyo and he’s bright, but there are times when he gets lonely. My favorite cute friend. As the year goes by, he’s becoming a man.

Q. When you confess, how do you want it to go like?
A. I’ll say “I have a story” and tell her to go to the park. Then I’ll get shy and say “Actually..” and then I’ll seriously confess.

Q. Which of the members would make an excellent detective?
A. Hyunseong! He’ll say “You’re the culprit” in a loud voice and then when it gets suspicious, an investigation will be held.

Q. A fashion that looks good on a girl?
A. Simple but stylish look.

Q. A girl who cant cook is a yes? Or a no?
A. No! If you’re wondering why, when you get married she’ll have to do a lot more right? But I can cook, so I can teach her first.

Q. What kind of challenges do you want to do in the future?
A. There is a lot! I want tour concert for Japan and Korea. I would like to meet as many fans as possible.


Youngmin: “A girl that cooks? I don’t mind at all. Asking for delivery is good too right?”

Q. If you were a woman, which member do you want to go out with?
A. The older members seems like they like to lead. Jeongmin as well as Kwangmin looks like they’re outgoing and fun.

Q. If you were to take a girl on a date?
A. I want to walk in the park, holding hands.

Q. What if, you fell in love with the same girl that your friend likes?
A. Firstly, I will talk to this friend, and then think about the girl’s feeling.

Q. When the girl is better than you in a game, is that alright? Or is it not?
A. Absolutely not! Because I really like playing games, so if she is better than me, it will get serious. So the answer is an absolute not okay! (laughs)

Q. The most terrifying thing in the world?
A. Ghosts. I cannot even enter a haunted house. What if she says she wants to go to one? I’m sorry but that girl has to go in alone then.

Q. Impression on Japan fans?
A. Regardless of their age they like to be around us, either way thank you so much. Please cheer on us a lot up until the future.


Kwangmin: “What if you like someone who is your friend? (deciding) I’m into mine.”

Q. Member who is the most popular to the girls?
A. Minwoo! He has aegyo, and he’s cute. Except for being musculine, but he has a lot of charms anyway, girls would be attracted to him still.

Q. Confessing? Would you do it?
A. (immediately answer)! A man shall not confess.

Q. Is it acceptable for your girl to arrive an hour late for a date? Or no?
A. It’s not! I can wait for a few hours, but its not nice of her. As a boyfriend, that’s a bad habit that should be removed.

Q. Does long-distance relationship works?
A. I don’t know. They say the further the distance, the more they like each other right. I think its like that, so it’s okay.

Q. Is the new song difficult?
A. Getting the pronunciation and the rhythm together is not too worrying, but rapping in Japanese is difficult. We’ve been practicing the new song lately.


Minwoo: “When I have a date to attend or promised to do something, I’ll go quickly and wait. It’d be great if she packs lunch.”

Q. From the maknae’s point of view, who is the most childish member?
A. (stares) It’s Kwangmin. Why did I say so, it’s just naturally is. There is no further explanation. (laughs)

Q. How to recover from a broken heart?
A. I would listen to songs, because it’ll calm me down. Meet-up with friends and go out more often to get rid and hide the pain as much as possible.

Q. When going out on a date with a girl, what would you wear?
A. Jeans and a white shirt.

Q. Do you like a girl who talks a lot? Or not?
A. I like it a lot. I will like her even more. I want to respond like “Yes, I see” while listening to her stories.

Q. What did you do on your last holiday?
A. I went snow boarding with my family. It was my first time riding a snow board and it was challenging, so I fell and rolled and rolled and rolled and rolled and rolled a lot.

Q. Debuting in Japan, how far did you think you grew?
A. We get to meet a lot of Japan fans, and our popularity in Japan has increased. We even do interviews like this in Japan.

translations credit: 하구태이 @ Boyfriend Daum Cafe (Jap-Kor) – weloveboyfriend.wordpress.com (Kor-Eng)


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