[Vid/EngSub] 130322 Boyfriend – KBSJoy Hello Baby Season 7 Episode 12

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[Vid] 130424 Boyfriend – YM & KM’s birthday + 700th day

영민, 광민군의 생일과 동시에
보이프렌드의 700일을 맞이하였습니다!
언제나 응원해주셔서 너무 감사드립니다 !!
앞으로도 많은 사랑 부탁드립니다^^


Happy Birthday YoungMin & KwangMin,
and Happy 700th day BOYFRIEND & Bestfriends!
Thank you for supporting BOYFRIEND always !!
We ask for your great love ^^

Source: Boyfriend’s Official Facebook

[News/Info] 130531 Boyfriend to Hold Second Set of Exclusive Concerts in Japan

Boyfriend has confirmed a second exclusive concert in Japan, cementing its status in the country and paving its way toward a brighter future ahead.

Following the release of its first studio album Seventh Mission, Boyfriend will be holding its second exclusive concert Boyfriend Love Communication 2013 – Seventh Mission in Tokyo on June 1 and in Osaka on June 2.

Across the two days and four concerts, the group is expected to gather a total of 15,000 fans, and show them performances for many of its tracks as well as special solo pieces.
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[Pic/Trans] 130526 Jeongmin – Boyfriend’s Daum Cafe: Real-Time update

[Jeongmin] Party!

It’s 2nd anniversary so we prepared a party~ so let’s sing togetherㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Today we can’t be together on 2nd anniversary, I’m really sorry and thank youㅠㅠ♥
Bestfriend always give us strength..!! We Boyfriend will work more harder for the music and we will show to everyone a cool appearance ♥!!
Thank you for being Bestfriend!!!^^

2013.05.26 on 2nd anniversary!

Source: Boyfriend’s Daum Cafe
Translations by: @G_Girlfriend