[News] 130615 Jeongmin Receives Emergency Surgery for Appendicitis

Boyfriend‘s Jeongmin has received emergency surgery for appendicitis.

His label Starship Entertainment said, “Yesterday after his Japanese schedule, he started having stomach pains, so we took him to a nearby local hospital, and they told us to go to the nearest big hospital for surgical procedures. So we immediately transferred him to the Gangnam General Hospital. There he was diagnosed with acute appendicitis.

With Jeongmin’s emergency appendectomy surgery, it’ll be hard for him to attend any schedules in the near-future. Starship Entertainment said, “Jeongmin probably won’t be appearing at his events tomorrow. After that, we’re going to adjust his schedule based on his recovery time.



[News/Info] 130531 Boyfriend to Hold Second Set of Exclusive Concerts in Japan

Boyfriend has confirmed a second exclusive concert in Japan, cementing its status in the country and paving its way toward a brighter future ahead.

Following the release of its first studio album Seventh Mission, Boyfriend will be holding its second exclusive concert Boyfriend Love Communication 2013 – Seventh Mission in Tokyo on June 1 and in Osaka on June 2.

Across the two days and four concerts, the group is expected to gather a total of 15,000 fans, and show them performances for many of its tracks as well as special solo pieces.
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[Pic/News] Boyfriend Celebrates Kwangmin and Youngmin’s Birthday and 700th Day

Boyfriend are celebrating their 700th day since debut as well as members Kwangmin and Youngmin‘s 19th birthday (International age: 18) today!

The group posted on their official Facebook: “Happy Birthday YoungMin & KwangMin, and Happy 700th day BOYFRIEND & Bestfriends! Thank you for supporting BOYFRIEND always :)!! We ask for your great love ^^.”

The boys treated their ‘Bestfriends‘ with celebratory photos and a video greeting. Member Minwoo also hinted that Boyfriend will be returning soon with the tweet, “It’s been 700 days since we’ve debuted! We’re more happy and thankful that so many people congratulated us! Looking back on all our cherished memories~ time goes by so fast!! Good news in Korea! You’ll be able to listen~ Just wait a little bit more~~ Bbyong <3.”

One of the twins, Kwangmin, also tweeted, “Everyone, thank you so much for the birthday greetings!!! Today is our 700th day since debuting, so I’m 2 times, 20 times as happy! ^^ I’ll be a hardworking Kwangmin and twin in the future.”

Congratulations to Boyfriend on 700 days, and Happy Birthday to Kwangmin and Youngmin!

Source: allkpop

[News] 130218 Boyfriend reveals they have not been paid since debut

MC Tak Jae Hoon: On the topic of money, when was the most income Boyfriend made since your debut?

Boyfriend: We never broke even so we haven’t made an income yet. For the Lunar New Year, our CEO instead gave us allowance money of $1,000 USD per member to tell us that we did a good job.

1. [+186, -3] Every promotion cycle, there are several hundreds of thousands that are lost in expenses from music video filmings and whatnot so it’s difficult to make an income under such circumstances. Boyfriend is only lasting this long because they seem to have some semblance of a response in Japan. Female idols can break even by performing at events but the competition’s tough lately because of the economy. Rookie idols have to break their backs performing at events in order to even see an income.
2. [+135, -7] I’m not that familiar with male idol groups but I do know that children seem to like this group a lot so it surprises me that they haven’t been being paid. Are they sure they’re not being frauded?
3. [+126, -0] Just because you’re an idol doesn’t mean you make a lot of money. They barely make more than a salaryman’s one month’s pay. Popular idols make a lot of money but that gets put back into expenses like food, transportation, etc.
4. [+142, -1] Am I the only one reminded of Block B;; They paid for their stage outfits themselves. At least Boyfriend gets an allowance… Makes me realize the importance of joining the right company.
5. [+143, -33] You gotta promote something to make money… What have they promoted… actually, who are they…???
6. [+133, -1] I’m sure their company isn’t in the reds since they have SISTAR and K. Will. SISTAR has a lot of CFs they’ve been doing.
7. [+115, -1] So if a company doesn’t make more than what they’ve invested, they don’t pay their employees… What a weird set up.
8. [+72, -8] Hul, I pity them..
9. [+62, -7] So since $1 million was invested in B.A.P., they’re not getting paid until they make that $1 million back… Hul…….. damn…
10. [+57, -3] Too many fu*king idols ㅡㅡ Just disband all of the groups that aren’t breaking even… The music industry is rotting

Source: News 24 via Naver and Netizenbuzz

[News] 130218 Boyfriend to present Japan’s Fuji TV program

Idol group Boyfriend will present a TV program in Japan.

According to the group’s official Japanese site, “Boyfriend Grand Operation”, which is to be presented by the group, will air on the satellite channel Fuji TV Two on March 14 (White Day).

It is a variety show that will feature the members of the group trying to be the ideal man from the perspective of women.

Boyfriend, who made their debut in Japan in August last year, were also chosen to star in a romantic school comedy film ‘Go Go Ikemen 5” that will be released this coming summer.

Their third single “Hitomi’s Melody”, which is to be released on March 27, has been selected as the ending theme song for the popular animantion “Detective Conan” that will air starting February 16.

Source: KBS
Credit: dkpopnews.net