– JUNE 2013 –

Colour Coded: Korea Schedules | Japan Schedules

01st – [Overseas] Japan Promotion *Love Communication
2013 -Seventh Mission- 東京

02nd – [Overseas] Japan Promotion *Love Communication
2013 -Seventh Mission-

03rd – [Overseas] Japan Promotion

04th – [Overseas] Japan Promotion

05th – [Overseas] Japan Promotion

06th –

07th –

08th –

09th – [♥] Hyunseong’s Birthday!

10th –

11th –

12th –

13th – [Overseas] Japan Promotion

14th –

15th – *K리그 서산 축하무대

16th –

17th –

18th –

19th –

20th –

21st –

22nd –

23rd –

24th –

25th –

26th –

27th –

28th –

29th –

30th –


76 thoughts on “Schedule

  1. Kyaa! I noticed there are many Filipino Fans here, including me. Oh BOyfriend please come here in the Philippines! I want to become your friend! Then if im lucky…. you know, your Girlfriend! AAH!~ Oppa! Saranghaeyo Kwanggie! :** Lots of Love! XOXO :*

  2. aigoo!!!!! very excited to listen the 3rd Japanese single called melody of the eyes,,,hahahaha,,,,,,super idol….boyfriend….

  3. boyfriend?! is the kpop boy band group that is very awesome they perform well as on stage but I’m hoping that someday i can meet them and hoping that they will come to Philippines specifically in negros occidental….hahahahaha…i’m one of the boyfriend fans……….
    love you lot kpop boy band called boyfriend.<3..

  4. as a male fan…of course,it’s nice to meet boyfriend and be friends w/ them..i’m sure it would be so nice because you will know a lot on them..especially in the field of dancing and singing!
    i’m hoping that time will come ..
    i don’t have any talents that’s why i chose them to be my role model..because i see that they are the best Kpop ever!
    boyfriend fighting!!

    • cool! a male fan!! (finally i’ve “met” one ;P)
      (not that i’m saying you’re the only male fan…)
      may i ask wat country you’re from???
      i’m from bangladesh ^^

  5. i hope boyfriend comes to new york city!!
    particularly somewhere near brooklyn….i wanna be able to meet them and be friends :D ^o^!!!

      • true true..i want to meet them but i probably won’t be able to because it’s another country and i don’t know korean and they don’t know english much T^T
        *sigh* we’re in the same boat…

    • i now what you mean i live in atlanta,goregia i wish boyfreind would come here so i could meet them but i plan to go to korea hopfuly i get to meet them then <3 boyfreind forever :)

      • yeah i do too..actually i wish i could but i would probably get squashed by korean bestfriends -.-
        also, my parents probably won’t let me and it’s not something i can do like sneak out when they don’t notice -.- (just to say, i don’t do this ;P)

    • hey ur back!!
      anyway, lucky!!!!!!!!
      i just remebered that tmrw the new album is gonna be out!!!!!!! i bet ur gonna hear it and also be there for the concert……(again LUCKY!!)

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