No MinWoo

  • Name: No Minwoo (노민우), ミンウ (Minu/Minwoo)
  • Nickname: Sweat Minwoo
  • Position: Rap, Lead Dance, Maknae
  • Birthday: July 31, 1995
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 174CM
  • Star sign: Leo
  • Favourite colour: Black and white
  • Idol: Our company’s representative.
  • Educational Background: School of Performing Arts Seoul
  • Specialities: Acting, Hapikdo & Swimming
  • Experience: KBS1′s “My Sweetheart, My Darling” (2005) *He was a minor character – SBS’s “Ghost Pang Pang” (2007) *Appeared as Kim Chul Doo (김철두) – KBS2′s “Wife and Woman” [AKA Windy City] (2008) *Appeared as Kwon Seung Il (권승일) – SBS’s “Amnok River Flows / Yalu River Flows” (2008) *Appeared as the adolescent stage of Mirok Li – Eleventh Mom (2007) (Movie) – Mother (2007) (Movie)

Random Facts & Quotes:
01. Minwoo and Donghyun have the most fluent english among the members
02. Minwoo has bad temper but he has a tough leadership soul
03. Once, after their practice, Minwoo used up all the tissues to wipe his sweat
04. Minwoo has a sister named Eun Bin
05. Jeongmin said that Minwoo copied a lot of girl groups
06. Minwoo is a fan of SNSD’s Jessica
07. At first, people called Minwoo “moist”, but now it changed into “wet” because he’s always sweating
08. People said that when Minwoo is bored, he ran up and down the stairs just for fun
09. Minwoo is a 1st year student in Seoul School of Performing Arts along with twins Youngmin and Kwangmin
10. Minwoo was one of the characters acting in KBS “All My Love” along with members Youngmin and Kwangmin
11. Minwoo was one of the back-up dancer for K.Will before debuting
12. Minwoo was a child actor back then
13. According to Kwangmin, Minwoo is good at winks
14. Minwoo is not good at games with gambling and other stuff
15. Minwoo calls all the members “Hyung” except Kwangmin
16. Minwoo got a cute image even though he wanted a cool one
17. When a fan says “I love you” Minwoo will blush
18. Donghyun and Minwoo like Korean cabbage
19. While shooting for BoyFriend’s album jacket, Minwoo held a bear and asked “Do bears usually have a mouth?”
20. Minwoo’s role model is SHINee’s Taemin because he can dance very well while singing
21. Minwoo never took dancing lessons
22. Minwoo once shared a room with Hyunseong and Donghyun in the dorm
23. Minwoo wants to be a boyfriend that has manly personality
24. Minwoo wants to hug his girlfriend on the road that is filled with people
25. Minwoo would like to travel overseas, the mountain or the beach if he has a date with their fans
26. Minwoo usually goes to Youngmin but then goes to Kwangmin right afterwards
27. Sometimes, Minwoo likes to play them off against each other.
28. Minwoo is a little strict when it comes to getting the choreography right – even towards his older members
29. Minwoo once mention that his english name is “Jeremy”
30. Minwoo doesn’t use perfume, but he uses lotion
31. Minwoo has been a Starship trainee for 3 years
32. According to Kwangmin, Minwoo is really bad at making Ramyun
33. Minwoo said that he will still sweat even in winter
34. Minwoo respects SHINee’s Taemin sunbaenim
35. Minwoo’s dream used to be an actor, but he likes the feeling to be on the stage and changed it to be a singer/rapper
36. Minwoo spends his free time listening to music, discuss something with the other members and he likes to share some videos with them.
37. If there is a chance, Minwoo wants to act as a bad boy in the movie.
38. Minwoo once said: “There’s a lot of beautiful memories, but this is our first overseas event since debuted, in China. We are so touched about it~ it’s an honour for us to perform here.
39. “I want to be a singer that it liked by everyone. If I have the chance, I want to act as well.” -Minwoo
40. According to Donghyun, Minwoo is the member which has the most popularity
41. As a child, Minwoo acted as the lead character in the movie “Ghost Pang Pang” by the name Kim CheolDu
42. Minwoo appeared in K.Will’s “My Heart Beating” music video as singer IU’s younger lover
43. Minwoo received an award for “Best Actor” for his role in a short film
44. “My mother knew what I wanted and supported me all the way, thanks to her I could stand where I am now. Being infront of the camera and standing on stage, I like my position is right now and I’m happy.” -Minwoo
45. Minwoo got interested in dancing after seeing other people dance.
46. Minwoo sleeps in the lower bunk while Jeongmin sleeps on the upper bunk
47. If Minwoo were to get married to one of the members of Boyfriend, he’d picked Jeongmin. (cr: JW @ No Min Woo 노민우 | Facebook)
48. In an interview with Star Interview, they were asked what they are in charge of in BoyFriend and Minwoo questioned himself but then the members all agreed that he is in charge of “aegyo” of the group.
49. Minwoo would like to try out for a role of a cool guy in a movie.
50. Minwoo picked Hyunseong as the person with the most manly charm and he stated that Hyunseong is cool.
51. Minwoo’s ideal type is ‘a girl who shows her beauty to me, who is cute and thinks about me often.’
52. According to Kwangmin, Minwoo occasionally says some strange things while sleeptalking.
53. According to Donghyun, Minwoo would be the most frightened if they watch a horror movie together and said that it’s cute. (48-53, cr: boyfriend-champion)
54. Minwoo admitted that for their pre-recording of their 3rd single comeback, “I’ll Be There” on M! Countdown, he ripped his pants
55. To Minwoo, the way for him to release stress is to sit around with all the company [staff] and sing their lungs out. [Elle Girl Interview]
56. Minwoo favourite female idol is Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain. [Elle Girl Interview]
57. With the reason of wanting to know himself better, Minwoo picked himself as the member he wanted to date if he was a girl [Allkpop]
58. Minwoo picked his lips as the most attractive part of his body because his lips are thick. [Allkpop Interview]
59. Minwoo would want to act again if he has the chance. [Allkpop Interview]
60. Minwoo said that he was frustrated to see all those articles and video clips on the issue of his pants ripping (on Dec 8th live recording of Mnet M! Coundown) flooding in after the airing.
61. Minwoo’s bed has a small square pillow and a yellow doll [W Academy]
62. Minwoo likes to munch or eat something when he has the food.
63. Minwoo is really good at cleaning. [W Academy]
64. Minwoo sleeps on the lower bunk [W Academy]
65. The members reveals that Minwoo has the most unique sleeping habit [@star1 Magazine. Facts 65 – 71]
66. According to Youngmin, because Boyfriend is preparing for their concert, Minwoo cheers “Let’s go!” loudly when he sleeps.
67. According to Donghyun, Minwoo wakes up the hardest
68. Minwoo picked ‘Go Back’ as his favorite Boyfriend song in JANUS Album.
69. Minwoo said JANUS’s choreography is really hard. To the point where he feels like collapsing, throwing up and dying the first few times dancing to it.
70. “Minwoo (is the best dancer). He dances with all his heart.” -Jeongmin
71. Minwoo wishes to try a manly concept like DBSK’s Mirotic in the future; something girls want in a romance.
72. Minwoo would like to open a coffee shop for his parents. {from DongA interview}
73. In Boyfriend, only Donghyun, Jeongmin, Youngmin and Minwoo have dating experiences in the past.
74. Minwoo revealed that he dated a classmate for about 70-80 days in the 6th grade, but he never managed to kiss her, “I did want to but I didn’t have the courage back then.” {73-74 from Beatles Code 2 article trans by}


204 thoughts on “No MinWoo

  1. Hi Minwoo. Its me the real Eun-Young. Sorry about whatever my sister said last night. She’s a huge fan. Place forget what she said I said. BTW I’m a bigger fan than her so. Yeah. My sister is just 12 years old so don’t think she’s 15 bcuz I’m 15.

  2. I’m really mad. My friends say Minwoo is a **** and
    Will never like me as a friend much less a girlfriend. Sorry I’m being too dramatic but if there’s one thing I hate is someone badmouthing Minwoo. These really mean girls are trying to tell new kids not to be my friend because I’m such a goody two shoes and I’m a **** just like Minwoo. I mean they don’t even know who he is. Please Minwoo I need a reply. Prove them wrong. Gosh I’m annoying you aren’t I. So sorry.

  3. This comment is for Minwoo. I know it’s a little cheesy but I love everything about you so please don’t change anything. I dream everyday that I meet you on a concert and we become really good friends. I know it probably will never happen but I just wanted you to know how I feel. My friends found my journal and found me doodling your name all over it so they dared me to post this comment. I meant everything I said. Sorry I’m so shy.
    Well I love you No Minwoo. My one and only.

  4. Well I see myself as Minwoo’s biggest fan. I’m not the kindof girl who posts or comments at the internet but when I read stuff about the love of my life, I want to tell other fans to never stop loving Minwoo because even if Id never met him, he never stop loving his fans.

  5. how i hope someday min woo will teach me how to dance well….i’m a male fan of boyfriend and i’m following their fashion cause it attracts so many girls !!

    • i wish the same thing except that i am a girl fan ^^
      may i ask how old u r and which country?
      i’m just asking cause i usually ask ppl this…
      if u don’t wanna say ur age, plz answer the second part..i’m bengali ^^

  6. wah~ i just saw that oppa is a leo!!! LIKE ME!!! this is soooo cool!!
    yay!! oppa’s birthday is like a week and a few day’s before mine (mine’s in august!) !!

  7. Saranghae minwoo and boyfriend,you are my idol,because you are cute,handsome,and good dance,love you all..,and I want to meet you..

    • I wonder if Minwoo will ever answer. It will really mean the world to me. Just a reply and my life will be complete. Or meeting him will be much better. Sorry I write too long of comments. I’m basically a shy smartie. Oh and BTW, my birthday is July 31,1996. Way too young for Minwoo. I don’t even speak Korean.

  8. Minwoo oppa is soo awesome!!
    I feel like i can relate to him. i wanted a cool image among my friends too but they say i’m either innocent or cute ~.~ also like oppa, if i have a chance act, i would want a bad girl role because everyone thinks of me as the goody-goody girl ~.~ there are many other things too but if i wrote them all, it’ll seem like i’m writing an essay ;P

    <3 SARANGHAE OPPA <3 !!!(if he read this he would probably blush ^ /// ^)
    hope u have a lot of fun!!

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