[Pic/Trans] 130522 Minwoo – Boyfriend’s Twitter update

[B.F민우] 다들 뭐하려나 지금~~ ㅎㅎ
우린 좀전에 저녁먹었는데 다들 밥먹었어요?! 먹었겠구나..아 그리구 담주에 깜짝선물이 있어요 좀만 기다려요~ 기대해도 좋습니다~~!글구 아프지말고!!알겠죠? 잘자요! pic.twitter.com/UiAgab1j12

English Translation:
[B.F Minwoo] What is everyone doing now~~ ㅎㅎ
We eat our dinner just now, have everyone eaten?! Should eat..Ah and next week we have a surprise gift, please wait a little~ Expect it would be good~~!and do not get hurt!!Understand,right? Goodnight! pic.twitter.com/UiAgab1j12

Source: Boyfriend’s Official Twitter
Translation by: @G_Girlfriend


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