[Pic/Vid/Trans] 130424 Boyfriend – Boyfriend’s Daum Cafe: Staff Diary update

[★Photo] YM & KM 19th Birth Day!! & BOYFRIEND DEBUT 700 Days♡

This is manager Lee^ㅁ^

The flowers are turning blue now because summer is coming in April!
Have everyone been to a Spring outing trip?

Today is a very great day for Boyfriend and our BestFriend!
Having two kinds of pleasure doubles the happiness.

So.. Firstly!

It seems that the 6 minute difference gives them different charms, the twins Youngmin & Kwangmin’s birthday!!^^

Because a lot of the fans celebrated the Youngmin and Kwangmin’s birthday
They are having a very wonderful birthday!!!

We would like to say Thank U to the fans who sent gifts and packing the delicious rice cake,
The twins went around the office to personally give and share with the staffs and they were all very grateful and gave birthday wishes^_^

The two main heroes for today,
I will show you Youngmin & Kwangmin’s bright faces!!


Today is also a special day for another occasion!


♥ Today is also Boyfriend’s 700th day since debut ♥

The members prepared a video to show BestFriend fans!!!

Everyone please watch over the members well,
Time has passed by for 700 days so please keep on cheering and give lots and lots of love!!!! We thank you^^

For 700 days we’ve walked hand-in-hand making memories!
Please anticipate to a cooler side of Boyfriend in the future!^^

Thank you♥


source: Boyfriend’s Daum FanCafe
video credit: YOUNGMINISLAND2 | YouTube
translations by: weloveboyfriend.wordpress.com


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