[Pic/Trans] 130424 Minwoo – Boyfriend’s Twitter update

[B.F민우] 우리 데뷔한지 700일 됐어요! 많은분들이 축하해주셔서 더 기쁘고 감사해요! 그동안 추억도 되돌아보고~정말 시간 빠른거 같아요!! 한국에서도 좋은 소식! 들려드릴께요~ 좀만 더 기다려주세용~~뿅♥ pic.twitter.com/MWatCgjQSR

English Translation:
[B.F Minwoo] It has been 700 days since our debut! A lot of people congratulated us so we’re happy and thankful! Looking back at the memories we made time really flies by fast!! There’s also a good news in Korea! I’ll let you know~ Please wait a little longer~~Ppyong♥ pic.twitter.com/MWatCgjQSR

source: @G_Boyfriend
translations by: weloveboyfriend.wordpress.com


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