[Pic/Trans] 130418 Boyfriend – GO GO Ikemen5 Official Website: The ProGuarde Captain Post Diary Ep. 1

> 130418 Episode 1

Hello everyone!
First time we met (^ω^)

This time, in this blog
I will share the situations during the filming and funny things
With everyone ♪

I’m the pro-guard captain xxx.

I’m just a fan of Boyfriend.(・∀・)

This filming diary
Is probably going to have too much excited reactions
I might not be able to write things calmly

But, however it is,
All the contents in here contain my love for Boyfriend

I hope everyone
Will read all of them well, until the last one!

Let’s go straight into this
The first episode!

Everyone in Boyfriend
Their Japanese has improved so much
To me, when I first saw their interview on the cruise (T/N: During their Japanese debut last year)
Them trying to converse in Japanese
Even though their communication was a little ‘here-and-there’ and not very fluent,
I wanted to cry seeing how hard they were trying (・ω・`)

Sure enough, they seemed like they really wanted to be able to hold a conversation with a Japanese person by themselves
So they told us “Because we want to learn Japanese, please converse with us in Japanese!”

Therefore, most of our conversation is conducted in Japanese

And we even taught each other our languages (^ω^)

Among them
Gon Kan played by Donghyun (T/N: Gon Kan is the name of Donghyun’s character in the movie…weird I know)
Taught me Korean!

In Korean,
‘So handsome’ is motsaengkida!(・ω・*) (못생기다)

He even told the make-up artist happily(^ω^)

Next, because Siwon played by Minwoo came (T/N: Siwon the name of of Minwoo’s character)
I immediately applied what I learnt, and told him ‘motsaengkida’ with a smug expression

Siwon showed this expression

It’s a reaction like ‘huh?’ (laughs)

> 130418 Episode 1

I was thinking that maybe my pronunciation wasn’t very good
So I kept saying it to him

And then Siwon asked
Siwon: “Who taught you this?”

Oh, and by the way,
The sentence in the “”, imagine it’s being said by an angel

“Donghyun-san taught me!”

Siwon: “If you translate that to Japanese, it means ugly. (laugh) Handsome is jalsaengkida” (T/N: Uh if you didn’t understand this basically DONGHYUN LIED HE LIED THE LEADER LIED, once again sorry for shit romanisation)
“Eh, really!?
I got tricked wwwwwww”

I’m going to slip on the floor at light speed wwwww (T/N: Don’t ask me what wwwww is)

I got tricked

-Insert picture- (Beats me why he inserted the same pic)

After this happened,
Gon was reprimanding Siwon (laughs)

And then, seeing these two people laughing,
I took their picture wwwww ←oi

In the POV of a hardcore fan,

Gon and Siwon’s relationship
Seems to be very good!! I was very surprised!!

Actually, Gon
thinks Siwon is very cute!!!! (T/N: Brb otp feels exploding)
That’s how I feel

A normal staff member won’t write this (laughs)
I’m writing down the actions of these 5 pretty boys from my own perspective
I’ve tried my best
To convey this

Please look forward to the next update ☆

PS. Because I was too excited, so my hands were shaking when I took the photos, next time I’ll try to be calm while taking them wwww


Original Post ⇒ taicho
Chinese-subbed by ⇒ corcors @ weibo
Full Credits ⇒ @0526subs via BoyfriendNews.tumblr.com


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