[Pic/News] Boyfriend Celebrates Kwangmin and Youngmin’s Birthday and 700th Day

Boyfriend are celebrating their 700th day since debut as well as members Kwangmin and Youngmin‘s 19th birthday (International age: 18) today!

The group posted on their official Facebook: “Happy Birthday YoungMin & KwangMin, and Happy 700th day BOYFRIEND & Bestfriends! Thank you for supporting BOYFRIEND always :)!! We ask for your great love ^^.”

The boys treated their ‘Bestfriends‘ with celebratory photos and a video greeting. Member Minwoo also hinted that Boyfriend will be returning soon with the tweet, “It’s been 700 days since we’ve debuted! We’re more happy and thankful that so many people congratulated us! Looking back on all our cherished memories~ time goes by so fast!! Good news in Korea! You’ll be able to listen~ Just wait a little bit more~~ Bbyong <3.”

One of the twins, Kwangmin, also tweeted, “Everyone, thank you so much for the birthday greetings!!! Today is our 700th day since debuting, so I’m 2 times, 20 times as happy! ^^ I’ll be a hardworking Kwangmin and twin in the future.”

Congratulations to Boyfriend on 700 days, and Happy Birthday to Kwangmin and Youngmin!

Source: allkpop


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