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  1. Annyeonghaseyo :)
    I’ve got sad since I can’t find eng subs on other episodes of Boyfriend W academy. I mean, not all of the episodes were subbed. Would you mind if you’ll subtitle it ? as well as their interviews and their episodes in wonder boi (including the ‘unreleased scene’) ? PLEASE ….. I really can’t understand much of what they’re saying. Any admin can’t understand korean and can translate it to eng ? PLEASE …PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEE :))

    • hello. thank you so much for taking your time to request this from us. however, we are truly sorry to disappoint you because none of our staffs are VERY fluent in Korean therefore we cannot translate and sub as there will be inaccuracy to it. once again, we are sorry. however we will try as hard and as much as we can to post up english subbed video done by other people as soon as possible. thank you for your patience. :D

      • oh….it’s okay ^.^
        anyways…I salute all the admins who really did try their bests to give bestfriends all information about Boyfriend ^.^
        weloveboyfriend.wordpress.com FIGHTING ! :D

  2. annyeonghaseyo !
    Just want to share this to all bestfriend ^^
    I just visit this site/tumblr and find a video of Boyfriend ..
    and I think it’s pretty good to share ^^

    here is the link:

    [you will saw there a video of boyfriend, the BehindTheScene photoshoot of I’ll be there]
    just sharing ..

    don’t forget to credit the owner. (and it’s not me xD )
    for good, ask her/his permission? maybe .. ^^

  3. can I make a request? pls send to starship entertainment that… PH BEstfriends wants a Fan meeting here in the philippines. we wanna see Boyfriend! tahaha If you mind… =D they visit taiwan, singapore, taiwan… how about Philippines? tahahahaha =))

    • hello. as much as we want to, we cant fulfill your request because we are not staff members working for Boyfriend. we are just fans who just wants to share what we have with everyone else. however, we hope that Boyfriend will come to Philippines one day soon as well^^

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