[Pic/Trans] 130324 Minwoo – Boyfriend’s Twitter update

Original tweet:
[B.F민우] 겨울여행을 드디어 다녀왔어요~다들 집에 잘 들어갔어요~? 1박2일동안 어땠어요?우린 수련회 온거 같아서 너무 즐거웠어요!!정말 좋은 추억이 생긴것 같아요~다음엔 다같이 섬으로 놀러가요 또 만나요♥ pic.twitter.com/KU2aSyLh13

English translation:
[B.F Minwoo] Finally back from the winter trip~Has everyone went well back to home~? How was the 2 days 1 night?It seems like we went to the school trip, so enjoyed!!I think that I really have a good memories~Next time let’s visit to the island together, let’s meet again♥ pic.twitter.com/KU2aSyLh13

Source: Boyfriend’s Official Twitter
Translation by: @G_Girlfriend


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