[Pic/Trans] 130322 Boyfriend – Baby Jeongmin’s Twitter update

오늘이 헬로베이비 마지맛 방송이네요… 벌써 12회가 다되다니 너무너무 아쉬워요ㅠㅠ
보이프렌드 아빠들 정민이 잊지 않을거죠?? 정민이도 너무나 행복한 추억이 될거같아요^^
사랑해요 아빠들~♥♥ pic.twitter.com/SaCrhE1GMo

English Translation:
Today is the last broadcast for Hello Baby… I still cant believe that it has been 12 episodes It’s very very hard to believeㅠㅠ
Boyfriend appas wont forget Jeongminie right?? Jeongminie also have a lot of happy memories^^
I love you appas~♥♥ pic.twitter.com/SaCrhE1GMo

source: kaaran_80 @ Twitter
translation by: weloveboyfriend.wordpress.com


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