[Pic/Trans] 130318 Boyfriend – Hello Baby Site update: Hello Sketch Part 11

[1st Pic]
Landed in Japan is our Hello Babies!

[2nd Pic]
OhOng? Where is this? Jeongmini finds everything interesting

[3rd Pic]
Bbabababam~ Cute Titanic^_^

[4th Pic]
What is that?

[5th Pic]
The cuties are dragging(?) the present they got for their appas

[6th Pic]
Jjeommi Bbuing♥

[7th Pic]
♥Lovely Jjomaens

[8th Pic]
{Top Left Photo: Hello
Top Right Photo: We want to be Hallyu Star
Bottom Photo: From now on, immerse yourself with my charm}

The kids’ message^^! Have a good look on it~

[9th Pic]
MehRong ㅡㅠㅡ Beingplayful when Minwoo appa sleeps


[1st Pic]
The meeting between the Japanese kids with Boyfriend & Hello Baby

[2nd Pic]
Really cute!!!

[3rd Pic]
It’s hot~ Growing memories^^

[4th Pic]
Meet you at the next part♫

Source: kbsn.co.kr
Translation by: weloveboyfriend.wordpress.com


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