[Interview] 130226 Boyfriend “Popular in Japan? Still a long way to go”

– When do you feel you’re not rookies anymore?

Donghyun: When we debuted the dry rehearsals were really difficult. But now we are used to it. We can naturally loosen our throats in the morning. This makes me realize we’re not that new anymore.

– You’re active in Japan a lot. What’s the hardest part of it?

All: Our seniors who carved the way in Japan have been a great help. From a junior’s perspective it’s become really convenient. We’re also thankful to our Japanese fans who are taking good care of us.

– Do fans recognize you a lot in Japan?

All: We probably get recognized more in Japan than in Korea. But not so much that it causes any inconveniences.

– What’s the difference between Japanese and Korean fans?

Jeongmin, Hyunseong and Donghyun: Korean fans cheer along, Japanese fans applaud at the end. The fanbase is different, we have fans of all ages in Japan. Korean fans are more passionate and have specific cheers. Japanese fans learn our choreography points and dance along.

– As the amount of activities grows, the income increases. What would you like to gift your parents?

Kwnagmin: Health checks, health beneficial food, medicine. (T/N: they have some fancy expensive health foods and things there, in case this sounds like his parents are broke)
Jeongmin: A house in Seoul
Youngmin: A house and a Korean car
Hyunseong: Money to buy everything their hearts desire.
Donghyun: A house as well. I like the Sorae Village where our dorm is located, so somewhere nearby would be good.
Minwoo: To open a coffee shop for them.

– What differentiates Boyfriend from other boy groups?

All: Our group name already makes us different. We want the public to able to approach us just like they would real friends. Instead of one specific image we are able to show various sides of ourselves.

– Wouldn’t you like to date?

Jeongmin: Honestly when we first debuted I really wanted to, but being so busy it suddenly drifted into the back burner (laughs).
Kwangmin & Youngmin: Even if we did get girlfriends now, since we’re so busy we wouldn’t be able to see them often. Later when we become more successful we want to date.

– Who’s your ideal type?

Kwangmin: Emma Watson
Jeongmin: The Little Mermaid and Lee Na-Young sunbaenim
Youngmin: Kim Ah-Joong sunbaenim. To the extent that when I watched her drama ‘Sign’ I wanted to study forensics myself.
Hyunseong: miss A’s Suzy sunbaenim
Donghyun: Park Bo-Young sunbaenim
Minwoo: Someone with long hair, good skin and starry eyes

– How do you get along with your company seniors Sistar and K.Will?

All: It’s reassuring enough just having them. They make sure to monitor our first performances. We feel sorry for not being able to take care of them more in return.

– Are there any difficulties filming ‘Hello Baby’?

All: The babies are so beautiful, we often talk about wanting kids of our own. Even if there’s something difficult, we get more strength seeing the babies. It was hard during the first recordings when they cried for their mothers, but now they smile to us, happy to see us. It makes us feel like we’ve really become fathers.

– What music do you want to make in the future?

All: We want to participate more for the concepts, producing etc of our next album. We want to have the concept of always evolving boyfriends.

– Do you ever fight?

All: We sometimes have disagreements during practice, but we always manage to solve them with words. We’re all cool like that.

– What would you do if you got #1 on a music show?

Donghyun: Fans love something lively. On a rainy day I’ll dance and run with a flower on my head. Wearing shorts and something sexy, revealing my collarbone (laughs).

– A promise for the future?

All: We’re working hard on showing sides of ourselves that we haven’t been able to so far. We’re preparing hard to be able to hold our solo concert one day. We really want to reach #1 on a music show at least once.

– Something you wanna say to your fans?

All: We think of meeting our fans as real dates. We are preparing even more awesome and fun dates, please anticipate them. We’re always thankful and we love you!

source: sports.donga.com
translated by: rieona.tumblr.com


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