[Pic/Trans] 130316 Jeongmin – Boyfriend’s Twitter Update

Original tweet:
[B.F정민] 오늘이 바로 D-Day! 싱가폴 팬미팅날이예용!!ㅎㅎ 이제 리허설하러 공연장으로 출발~~ 싱가폴에 이쁜 베프도 빨리 보고싶구! 한국에서 응원하고있을 베프도 보고싶다♥ 쩡미니 잘하고 오겠습니당!^^

English translations:
[B.F Jeongmin] Today is D-Day! Singapore fan meeting day!!hh Now we’re heading to the venue for rehearsal~~ Can’t wait to see beautiful Singaporean Bestfriend! I also miss BestFriend who is cheering in Korea♥ Jjeongmini will do the best!^^

Source: Boyfriend’s Official Twitter
translation by: weloveboyfriend.wordpress.com


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