[Pic/Trans] 130304 Boyfriend – Hello Baby’s Twitter Update

이번 주 아빠들이 찾은곳은 어디일까요~?귀요미 현성아빠와 아기정민& 영민아빠^^예쁜 일주일 되세요:) pic.twitter.com/mI0WkV9tKB

English Translation:
Where will the appas go to this weekend~?Cute Hyunseong appa with baby Jeongmin& Youngmin appa^^Have a lovely week:) pic.twitter.com/mI0WkV9tKB

일라이다의 사랑을 빼앗긴 민우아빠.. ^^즐거운 새학기되시길 화이팅♥ pic.twitter.com/0h78XcRuTk

English Translation:
The love of Ilayda is taken away from Minwoo appa.. ^^We wish you well on the new semester Hwaiting♥ pic.twitter.com/0h78XcRuTk

Souce: Hello baby’s twitter
translation by: weloveboyfriend.wordpress.com


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