[Pic/Trans] 130301 Jeongmin & Minwoo – Hello Baby’s Twitter Update

이렇게 좋아해주시니 정민세트 투척!♥겸둥이 정민아빠 아기정민♥ 10화는 더 재미있다는 소문이ㅇ_ㅇ pic.twitter.com/jObBFs3DUD

English Translations:
Giving you this nice Jeongmin-set!♥Look at Jeongmin appa and baby Jeongmin♥ It is rumored that episode 10 will be funㅇ_ㅇ pic.twitter.com/jObBFs3DUD

훗 오늘도 한장만 올릴줄 알았죠?이번엔 막내세트^^ pic.twitter.com/2Mhyv2dmWY

English Translations:
Hut Today as well you know not only one person will be uploaded right?Here’s the maknae-set^^ pic.twitter.com/2Mhyv2dmWY

Souce: Hello baby’s twitter
Translation by: weloveboyfriend.wordress.com


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