[News] 130214 Boyfriend’s Kwangmin has a crush on Yoona?

In the latest episode of KBS Joy’s ‘Hello Baby’ the members of Boyfriend were asked if they had a girl group member in mind who could join the show as a mother. Kwangmin was the only member to respond negatively to the question, but ended up as the member to reveal most about his girl group crush.

In another segment of ‘Boyfriend TV’ the members were asked various question, to which they each had to reply holding up either an O (‘Yes’) or an X (‘No’). For the question, “I have a girl group member in mind who I’d like to recruit as a mother for our two children?” five of the members held up O-s, while Kwangmin was the only one with an X in his hand.

The other members were shocked at his response, but the MC calmed them down, “Wait a moment, wait a moment! Everyone said they have someone in mind, but only Kwangmin said he doesn’t, what’s your reason?”

“I think, rather than getting a mother, all of our six members have a motherly heart..” but Kwangmin’s nonsense was stopped by leader Donghyun, holding up his X sign, “EEEEEH, that’s not right!”

The MC then wondered, “There’s probably a girl group member that Kwangmin has shown interest to?”

“As I said before, today we’re going to reveal everything!” Donghyun replied. “I want to help Kwangmin, but everyone held up an O, why would he be the only one to raise an X…”

Kwangmin face turned red at the comment, and the MC promised to reveal the girl’s identity after a commercial break.

“Does the girl group’s initials contain the letter S?” they were then asked. All the members aside from Kwangmin immediately replied with a ‘Yes’, to which Kwangmin was shown responding with various interesting facial expression, causing everyone to laugh.

“You really can’t control your expressions,” his twin brother Youngmin commented.

“I, I, I don’t get it, I’ve never shown interesting towards anyone in front of the them,” Kwangmin mumbled, clearly trying to hide something.

Donghyun then pointed out, “How many years have we spent together? It all shows!” This sparked more curiosity in the MC, “How does he show it?”

“His face becomes more serious, wrinkles appearing on his forehead.”

The MC further asked, “Does she have long hair or short hair?”

“It’s on the longer side, but not that long,” member Hyunseong revealed.

And finally they were asked, “Has the girl group been actively promoting lately or not?” To which the members responded positively again.

Kwangmin then stood up, stating that he really has no idea who the members have in mind. Leader Donghyun then whispered the girl’s name to the MC, and the MC in turn whispered it to Kwangmin.

“But everyone likes her,” Kwangmin replied with a smile on his face, proving the members were right about the girl.

“Of course, everyone likes her, but Kwangmin has a special like towards just her,” the MC clarified the situation.

“Honestly all the other members are hiding this, so they should be more careful in the future if they wanna keep it a secret,” Kwangmin afterwards commented. (But Kwangmin-ah, everyone else replied ‘Yes’ to the original question, as if already willing to reveal who their special liked girl group members might be.)

“She’s the visual of a girl group loved by everyone,” Donghyun later added in a personal interview. And member Jeongmin also revealed, “She’s older than Kwangmin.”

“So everyone, who is this girl? If we get a 3% viewership rating for ‘Hello Baby’ we will reveal everything!” the MC stated, with Kwangmin agreeing, “We’ll reveal it!” (In the beginning of this segment the staff promised to film an episode in Las Vegas if the show receives a 3% rating.)

There are four girl groups with ‘S’ in their initials that have been active this year: SNSD, Sunny Hill, Dal Shabet, and Sistar19. Sistar19 falls out because they are like family to Boyfriend, and it did not seem like the girl was someone close to them. Out of the other groups it’s fairly obvious to say SNSD is the group “loved by everyone” with member Yoona being the most commonly acknowledged “visual” of the group.

Do you agree with this assumption? Who else do you think it could be?

Credits: boyfriendgeneration


27 thoughts on “[News] 130214 Boyfriend’s Kwangmin has a crush on Yoona?

    • i am sone, Soshis and Sones know that Yoona is the most loved snsd member in korea.
      Soshis and Sones know that….
      ► Visual = YOONA!!!,
      ► Face of group = YOONA!!!.
      ► Member Key = YOONA!!!.
      ► Member Nº1 = YOONA !!!. (during a interviews, taeyeon even confirmated that Yoona is the member nº1 because taeyeon is member nº2).
      tae is leader of group, not visual.
      well! see you later.

  1. It’s Taeyeon. Check your facts. It’s been said in his interviews. Also, there’s a broadcast saying Taeyeon is the visual of SNSD; I think that’s Weekly Idol this Feb. Check them all out for yourself on Youtube.

  2. no i think, she’s taeyeon!! after whispering to the MC and than the MC laughed if you heared it carefullly after it kwang said fastly “taeyeon-nim… bla bla” so i think she’s KIM TAEYEON, at that moment SNSD during their promotion, and the member of SNSD that has not too long hair is KIM TAEYEON and i’ve heared that yoona, taeyeon, tiffany is SNSD visual. :)

    • i’m a sone!…we all know that YOONA is only one VISUAL official by SM-entertainment,
      taeyeon is leader group, NOT visual.
      IT’S YOONA!
      good day all.

      • also, We all know that YOONA is the most loved for many celebrities male and females. she is Nº1. ….a lot male celebrities love Yoona.
        good day ^^

        • It’s Taeyeon. Check your facts. It’s been said in his interviews. Also, there’s a broadcast saying Taeyeon is the visual of SNSD; I think that’s Weekly Idol this Feb. Check them all out for yourself on Youtube.


    • i agree with you,
      Yoona also is the most beautiful for inside and out (confirmed by many celebrities and ex-trainers) Yoona is multitalented, she is brighter!. ….Yoona even won as the smartest female idol.
      Actually, Yoona won as the prettiest in Asia, not just korea. she is fabulous.

  4. i dis agree then,,sorry but according to HIGH CUT MAG interview with Youngmin they got same ideal girl with his twins and that was be TIFFANY..hahah lol and i think that was official

  5. woah woah woah, WAIT A MINUTE! film an episode in LAS VEGAS?!
    like nevada las vages?! like USA las vegas?!
    omona, someone catch me *faints x.x

  6. from the begining, I was thought that a girl who liked by Kwangmin is YoonA
    she is the visual from girlgroup that loved by everyone. and the inisial is “S” So Nyue Shi Dae.
    Lately, So Nyue Shi Dae had been actively promoting

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