[Pic/Trans] 130210 Jeongmin – Boyfriend’s Twitter update

[B.F정민] 2013년이 밝았네요!!ㅎㅎ 올한해도 모두모두건강하시구 항상 행복하셨으면 좋겠습니다!!! 여러분께서 주신 사랑 저희 보이프렌드도 항상 좋은음악으로 보답하겠습니다~ 2013년 모두모두 화이팅해요♥♥ pic.twitter.com/0EMPiDwR

English Translations:
[B.F Jeongmin] 2013 is very bright!!ㅎㅎ I hope everyone keep healthy and always happy on this year!!! Everyone who love us, we Boyfriend also will repay you with good music~ Everyone let’s “fighting” together in 2013♥♥ pic.twitter.com/0EMPiDwR

Source: Boyfriend’s Twitter
Translations by: @G_Girlfriend on twitter


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