[Pic/Trans] 130207 Boyfriend – Boyfriend’s Daum Cafe: Staff Diary update

[Photo] 1st Album “JANUS” activities sketch!

This is manager Lee^ㅁ^

From “JANUS” till “I YAH”‘s activities that are never-ending for Boyfriend!!
Thank you so much to our BestFriends who cheered together and gave your love^^

Although it’s late but we’re going to show you their JANUS activites!
This year as well Boyfriend members have a lot~ more to show you
They’ll work hard! Please watch over them!!

They play around a lot and joke around with the fans and deliciously eat the food that was prepared,
They go through their activities with BestFriends fans!
The members are always having fun and laughing happily during activities^ㅁ^

♡Thank you for always supporting!! (__)(^^)

source: Boyfriend’s Daum Cafe
translations by: weloveboyfriend.wordpress.com


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