[Pic/Trans] 130130 Boyfriend – MANGOSIX Coffee & Dessert Cafe’s Twitter updates

UPDATED! {added 1 more Tweet}


지금 망고식스 도산사거리점에서는 보이프렌드분들의 헬로베이비 촬영이 한창이예요^^~! 멋진아빠가 되도록 여러분이응원해주세요!! pic.twitter.com/04pimDMX

English Translations:
Right now at Mango Six Dosan meeting point is Boyfriend filming for Hello Baby^^~! Please cheer on them a lot to be a great appa!! pic.twitter.com/04pimDMX


깨물어주고싶게 앙증맞은 요정 일라이다와 사랑하는 민우오빠..아빠?!^^~ 긴긴 촬영중에도 지친기색없이 까르르 천사같은 우리 헬로베이비~~^^!! pic.twitter.com/hXpx0kyk

English Translations:
Makes you want to hold them really tight is the adorable fairy Ilayda and lovely Minwoo oppa..appa?!^^~ Even if they’ve been filming for a long time they show no sign of tiredness but instead be angelic Our Hello Baby~~^^!! pic.twitter.com/hXpx0kyk


KBS joy ‘헬로베이비’ 보이프렌드편은 저희 망고식스와 함께합니다!! 2월 8일 방송되는 보이프렌드의 좋은아빠 도전기!! 많이기대해주세요~~^^!! pic.twitter.com/9f0Qh4LG

English Translations:
KBS joy ‘Hello Baby’ together with Boyfriend and us Manggo Six!! Boyfriend’s good fatherly skills will be broadcasted on February 8th!! Look forward to it~~^^!! pic.twitter.com/9f0Qh4LG

source: Mango Six’s Twitter
translations by: weloveboyfriend.wordpress.com

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