[Pic/Trans] 130129 Boyfriend – MBC Star JikJjik’s Twitter update

T/N: The title of the show is called “스타직찍 (Romanized as Star JikJjik)” to which ‘JikJjik (직찍)’ is actually a short form of ‘직접 찍은 사진’ which roughly means ‘Taking Self-Photo’. So the title “스타직찍” means “Star Self-Photo”.


1월 31일 오후6시! 그동안 못봤던 보이프렌드가 온다! 꼬리에 꼬리를 무는 폭로전과 팀킬로 참된예능돌로 거듭난 보이프렌드는 스타직찍에서 볼 수 있다는 사실~!! pic.twitter.com/6lHMGPkC

English Translations:
On January 31st at 6 PM! In the meantime, here is a never-before seen (photo of) Boyfriend who came! Exposing stories from tail to tail with the killer teams showing the true-self of Boyfriend on Star JikJjik~!! pic.twitter.com/6lHMGPkC


스타직찍의 서비스컷 어김없이 시~작! 재치만점 현성과 형들 잡는 막내민우 상귀요미 애교쟁이 정민! 예능 정예멤버가 요기잉네~?! pic.twitter.com/fmQYO5ps

English Translations:
Never fail to give a service cut on Star JikJjik Sta~rt! The playful Hyunseong hyung following the maknae Minwoo and Jeongmin who is full with aegyo! Which members are the best entertainers~?! pic.twitter.com/fmQYO5ps


쉴새가 없이 여기저기서 웃음 터트려준 민우와 자칭 조련사(?) 정민의 다정한 한컷♥ pic.twitter.com/f1vOnE55

English Translations:
Minwoo who claims to never stop talking and always laughs here and there(?) Jeongmin’s friendly one-cut♥ pic.twitter.com/f1vOnE55


여러분 집중 좀 해주세요 리더가 좋은 말하고 있잖아요! 얘들아 집중해 인사해야 -동현- Q. 동현씨 단독 콘서트를 한다면 여장을 하시겠습니까? 과연 동현대장의 대답은..?? pic.twitter.com/sIvtf58O

English Translations:
Can I have everyone’s attention please The leader would like to say something! Pay attention kids -Donghyun- Q. Would Donghyun-ssi cross-dress as a girl for your own solo concert? And captain Donghyun’s answer is..?? pic.twitter.com/sIvtf58O


5분이 추가로 더(….)약속해 주셨으니 퀴즈를 내겠습니다!! 이 사진 속 주인공은 영민일까요 광민일까요?!! pic.twitter.com/rHtqQgz5

English Translations:
In 5 minutes or so(….)I promise to give quizzes ! Is the person who is circled in this photo Youngmin or Kwangmin?!! pic.twitter.com/rHtqQgz5


뭐요? 네 맞아요 저 독설가예요. 아니요 못해요 저발음안좋아요.(헝헝) -광민- Q.쌍둥이키는 180 으로 알려졌지만 사실이 아니라는 소문이 진짜입니까? 과연 광민의 대답은~?! pic.twitter.com/hKnTc3Ej

English Translations:
What is it? Yes you are right I’m invective. No I can’t say it My pronouncation is not good.(heongheong) -Kwangmin- Q.The twin’s height is said to be 180 but there are rumors saying that it’s not true, is it really? And Kwangmin’s answer is~?! pic.twitter.com/hKnTc3Ej


이의있습니다!! 제 키가 더 큽니다. 하트에 진심을 담아야지! 하트가지고 장난치는거야?!! 아~ 19년동안 사랑해서 사랑이 식었다? -민우- Q.형들 잡는 실세 막내 민우에게 잠버릇이란? pic.twitter.com/dLqz70JJ

English Translations:
Disagree!! My height is bigger (in number). My heart is sincere! Do you think you can just play with a heart?!! Ah~ I am a loving 19 years old How do you confess your love? -Minwoo- Q.The hyungs caught the maknae Minwoo’s unique sleeping habit? pic.twitter.com/dLqz70JJ


왜 자꾸 나만갖고 그래요 오늘부터! 헛소리하면 써야돼!! 이거하면 욕먹어..(침울) -정민- 쪼매난 이쁜이 (=조련사)정민 유승호와 정주리의 중심에서 ‘왜이래요’를 외치다 pic.twitter.com/umKY8Kfb

English Translations:
coming soon~!


막내자리 제가 뺐어왔습니다! 그런 소문은 누가 내는거예요? 네?! 정말 이렇게 방송나가요? -영민- 쌍둥이는 사실 어색한사이? 영민이 말하는 미묘한 쌍둥이 사이의 진실은?! (봤던 사진이란 그말만은 하지말아요ㅠ) pic.twitter.com/oANaDXd9

English Translations:
I should be part of the maknaes! Who created that kind of rumor? What?! Is it really going to broadcast like this? -Youngmin- Is the twins actually awkward with each other? Does Youngmin really has nothing to say to the other twin?! (To those who already saw the pictures please don’t say anythingㅠ) pic.twitter.com/oANaDXd9

source: MBC’s Star JikJjik’s Twitter
translations by: imzee | weloveboyfriend.wordpress.com
[TRANSLATIONS ARE ROUGH AND MAY NOT BE 100% ACCURATE! Sorry for any mistakes, feel free to correct.]


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