[Pic/Trans] 130129 Boyfriend – KBSJoy Hello Baby update: Hello Sketch Part 4

Boyfriend’s Hello Baby
4th Hello Sketch

<Boyfriend’s Hello Baby>
Part 4 execution ground sketch revealed!!

[1st Pic]
They know they were gonna do filming~
All this while baby Jeongmin was patronized by Donghyun appa and Minwoo appa^^

[2nd Pic]
It looks like the mom, dad and their kids right?
So who is the mom~^^?
Cute maknae line appas & babies~

[3rd Pic]
Ilayda likes pretty appa the best
Jeongmin appa~
Jeongmin appa and Ilayda resembles each other♥

[4th Pic]
Penalties completed by the baby Jeongmin-team appas! Fairly done~^^

[5th Pic]
Till the next Hello Sketch
Look forward to it~♥

source: kbsn.co.kr
translations by: weloveboyfriend.wordpress.com


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