[News] 130123 Boyfriend – 10 Bold Predictions in K-pop for 2013 (Cut)

7. The break-out stars of 2013

A member of Boyfriend may also make a splash in 2013. Starship Entertainment did a great job getting Hyorin and Bora‘s popularity up through ‘Immortal Song 2′ and ‘Invincible Youth 2‘, and we may see even more success as they put some of that effort into popularizing Boyfriend. We’ve already seen big improvements in their latest singles, and now they’ve got a season of ‘Hello Baby‘, which will give their company the chance to figure out who stands out the most from the group and who the fan favorites are.

Out of the members of Boyfriend, Jeongmin may be the one to rise this year. We know Starship hits it big all the time with the best singers – just look at K.Will and Hyorin. As one of the best singers in Boyfriend, Jeongmin may be the next face of Starship. The label helped promote him to the general public through the Starship Planet song “White Love“, taking advantage of K.Will and Soyu‘s popularity to promote Jeongmin along with them, which worked quite well- the song charted better than any of Boyfriend’s songs have so far. The music video also featured Jeongmin as the main character, giving the Korean general public a familiar face from the group- usually, that’s what you need to become a breakout star.

Credit: allkpop.com


5 thoughts on “[News] 130123 Boyfriend – 10 Bold Predictions in K-pop for 2013 (Cut)

  1. they were very charming, and young.. i believe that everyone of them would standout,
    BOYFRIEND<3 is my favorite kpop boyband .so i will support them alot :)) FIGHTING!

  2. hope this doesn’t cause any problems or jealousy in the group o.o
    but i feel confident that wont happen since the oppas are such nice people ^^

    • Hopefully no. But I dont think so either. Boyfriend members are very close to each other. They would know. When Boyfriend first debuted, the twins were promoted and were the famous ones. Then it changed from time to time. I think every member will get their time to shine^^

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