[Vid] 130120 Boyfriend – LOEN Ent Ask in a Box

Source: LOENENT via Youtube

All: So they send the questions here, wow
Donghyun: I think we’re ready, let’s go
All: I’m your BOYFRIEND! Hello this is Boyfriend

Q: Boyfriend, are you confident about this album?
Donghyun: We are really ready for this album. We used to have a really cute image. This time we came back with a manly style. So fans will be able to see a very special stage.

Q: Please use 6 words to describe this album.
Jeongmin: The album is really manly!
Kwangmin: This album is change.
Donghyun: This album is a present.
Youngmin: This album is the best.
Minwoo: This album has a lot of photos.
Hyunseong: This album is sexy.

Q: What does the title song “I Yah” means?
Donghyun: The title “I Yah” means ‘baby’ in English. It means ‘my baby’.
Kwangmin: If you hit someone like this (the headache move) they make that sound.
Minwoo: It talks about someone, like, being hurt.

Q: Who has the characteristic of a pure Macho man?
Donghyun, Jeongmin: He is the most, Hyunseong.
Donghyun: Fans voted and the first was him. He is hard to approach, looks a bit wild. But if you get to know him, he’s really soft. That’s why it suits him the best. Pureness! Macho!
All: Oooh~
Donghyun: It was a bit awkward
Kwangmin: It was good

Q: What is the hardest choreography in I Yah?
Hyunseong: Rather than hard, it’s the point choreography.
Minwoo: There’s two, I’ll show the first one.
All: So sexy!

Q: Who made the most mistakes while filming the music video?
Donghyun: I think that’s Jeongmin.
Jeongmin: There wasn’t a lot of NG, but there were too many scenes. Managed it pretty well though.
Minwoo: There was one scene where we were together and there was a lot of NG. You weren’t there (saying to Hyunseong).
Youngmin: He was.
Minwoo: Oh, he was
Kwangmin: Don’t leave him out

Q: Did your heart flutter because of Kim So Hyun from the music video?
Minwoo: Raise your hand if you did
Hyunseong: Us three actually didnt have a lot of chance to see her.
Youngmin: It was kind of sad
Minwoo: Rather than liking her, she was really attractive

Q: How would you rank yourself appearance wise?
Donghyun: I will do this. Appearance ranking in our group. Jeongmin is the first. Maybe Jeongmin and Hyunseong has to change.
All: (laughs)
Donghyun: I’ll sit here. I think this is the right ranking. (According to Donghyun; 1st to 6th: Kwangmin, Donghyun, Hyunseong, Youngmin, Minwoo, Jeongmin)
Jeongmin: You say I’m the sixth. There could be a different point of view.
Donghyun: You’re not as good looking as before.
Jeongmin: I think I am the sixth listening to him.

Q: Which variety program do you really want to do?
Kwangmin: Running Man.
Donghyun: Me too.
Hyunseong: I’ll go with Running Man.
Youngmin: Infinite Challenge for me
Minwoo: Running Man for me
Jeongmin: ‘Laws of Jungle’
Minwoo: He said he wanted to be on it for a while.
Jeongmin: I want to try a caterpillar.
Hyunseong: There are special ones.
Jeongmin: If feels different and tastes different there

Q: Is there an artist you want to have a collaboration with?
Jeongmin: I do, I want to work with One Direction. I want to be on stage with them. I want to try working with them.

Q: What would you promise your fans if you become No.1 on a music show?
Jeongmin: I’ll do a free hug in MyeongDong
Minwoo: Eat lunch together with fans. With the fans who were at the show.
Youngmin: I will cry a lot at that moment. If I dont, I’ll poke myself in the eye.
Minwoo: Take off shirt? (to Hyunseong)
Hyunseong: Yes, take off t-shirt
All: It’s a bit weak
Hyunseong: Cover a little
Donghyun: Then we cant be on TV from then
Donghyun: On a rainy day, put a flower on the head and run. I’ll put the video on the internet.

Q: What are your dreams and goals for the future?
Donghyun: To become a national Idol. I think being loved by everyone is the best. Let’s become a national idol.
Hyunseong: Everyone knowing who we are
Donghyun: You will be the national macho man (to Hyunseong). You will be national…citizen (to Youngmin).
Kwangmin: I didnt say anything.

Donghyun: This was BOYFRIEND’s ASK IN A BOX
All: Thank you.


translations by LoenEnt @ YouTube
{Requested by 0yuc33}


2 thoughts on “[Vid] 130120 Boyfriend – LOEN Ent Ask in a Box

  1. Could I ask you guys again for a favour?
    Could you please post the Eng Subs (in the CC-Box) for us, who are not able to view those, because the video is blocked in our countries?
    Thanks in advance :)

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