[Pic/Trans] 130116 Boyfriend – MBC Starry Night’s Twitter update

“어?! 어제 별밤에 보이프렌드도 나왔는데! 우리 보프 오빠들 사진은 엄쪄용?!”…하도 많이 찍어서 고르고 고르는 중! 이쁜 사진들로 엄선해서 올려드릴테니… 기다려줄꺼죠?! (맛뵈기로 딱- 하나만 투척!) pic.twitter.com/xYXNkhfZ

English Translations:
“Oh?! Boyfriend came out yesterday for Starry Night! Where are the photos of our Boyfriend oppas?!”…we’re working on choosing and picking them! We want to put up pretty photos of them… Will you look forward to it?! (Here’s a preview- only showing one!) pic.twitter.com/xYXNkhfZ

source: MBCstar @ Twitter
translations by: weloveboyfriend.wordpress.com

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