[News] Netizens Debate Whether Boyfriend′s Music Video Promotes Violence

Boyfriend′s new music video for I yah has gotten itself involved in a controversy.

In the video, helmed by Zany Bros, Kim So Hyun, the child actress popular on the small screen and silver screen, appears in a love story with the Boyfriend members. The members also dance to their new song in spectacular dance sequences.

The video, however, has come to be criticized for its glorification of school violence.

Netizens commented in debate, “The video is great, but it feels like they′re glamorizing school violence,” “Kim So Hyun′s acting looks too real,” “It′s like a scene from a movie,” “Some scenes seem to be leading teenagers to delinquency and the dangerous motorcycle scene definitely doesn′t help” and “It′s just a music video; stop attaching too much meaning to it.”

I yah was produced by Sweetune, and is a dance number that stands out for its funky guitar riffs and charisma.

Source: http://enewsworld.mnet.com


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