[Pic/Trans] 130110 Boyfriend – Naver Music: The making of “Iyah” MV

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Special | Transformation of 6 people to Pure Macho from boy idols, Boyfriend

The previous album ‘JANUS’ shows a handsome image and through Boyfriend’s Repackage Album, it will be full of charisma portraying the art of ‘Homme Fatale’. ‘Iyah”s Music Video was directed by a representative of K-POP Music Video star director ‘Johnny Bros’ megaphone. The latest screen and CRT features the best child star actress ‘Kim SoHyun’ together with Boyfriend members unfolds a love story about a young couple that is like in the movies where desperation takes place. The dynamic camera work and the colorful scene along with the choreography makes it impossible to take your eyes off of the screen.

Naver Music will bring you to the making of ‘Iyah’ Music Video together with Boyfriend as well as revealing their three-point choreography to the public.

Video | Boyfriend’s comeback greeting for Naver Music


I’m Your BOYFRIEND! Hello, this is Boyfriend.
Us Boyfriend has come back from ‘JANUS’ with a follow up song ‘I.y.a.h’. For ‘JANUS’ we showed a classic boyfriend look, in ‘Iyah’ we will express a contemporary boyfriend look. We shot the music video together with actress Kim SoHyun-ssi, the weather is cold but we worked hard to show everyone a cool look.

‘I.y.a.h’ is produced by Sweet Tune which has a intense and repetitive melody where once you listen to ‘I.y.a.h’ it is hard to forget and the lyrics will be stuck in your head. We will show you Boyfriend’s new side. In 2013 Boyfriend wish everyone to be happy and always in good health. Please continue to anticipate for Boyfriend’s activities a lot. Happy New Year everyone.


Video | Boyfriend ‘아이야 (I.y.a.h)’ MV

Sketch | Boyfriend’s ‘Iyah’ MV filming

Hello! This is Boyfriend. Let’s closely see the filming of ‘Iyah’ music video together with us +ㅁ+ Let’s explore! Everyone~ Are you ready? Introducing Boyfriend’s ‘Iyah’ Music Video filming story! Let’s go. GoGo~go!

# Kwangmin is here We’re attending Youngmin, Minwoo, and me, Kwangmin’s school~ recording at our old school.. It feels new!!
Music Video’s first shooting with me at a school starts! This scene is where a motorbike is ridden to school. First thing you should know is I don’t drive the motorbike there is a stand preventing it from falling when it was shooting! And I remember the first time putting on the helmet and then struggling to get it off.^^;

Winter has the coldest weather and we are shooting a music video. Because the weather is cold my facial expression looks frozen What should I do? Worrying about what they monitor after shooting. Even though it’s cold we hope we’ll still be able to give you a cool look!


# Kwangmin Riding a motorbike to school, as far as it seems.. I was listening to the teacher scolding me when the heroine Kim SoHyun-yang accidently met for the first time! SoHyun-yang’s first shooting happened there. The teacher who appeared came out with a lot of laughter during filming.

# Minwoo Now filming the classroom scene! Filming the leader Donghyunie hyung, Hyunseongie hyung and together with Minwoo!!! In this music video all of us were wearing school uniforms, from Donghyunie hyung until the maknae, me, Minwoo…. Actually we are all friends!! Hyungs… I.. Can I speak informally with hyungs for once? ^^

# Donghyun Meeting and greeting for the first time and afterwords I have to say “Do you want to go out with me?”… It was beyond awkward hahahaha^^;;; We really tried a lot of things to get out of the awkward atmosphere~ SoHyun-yang and I! The awkwardness is gone now Do we not look like high-school-student lovers?^^

# Donghyun Our cute maknae Minwoo!! Special today is that Minwoo and I are bestfriends!!

# Youngmin Finally all six people of Boyfriend are gathered in one place! Outdoor shooting. The weather was really cold but we all were together to share fun stories about practicing the day before and we share stories about each other and the laughing and chatting seems to lessen the cold a little!

# Jeongmin In the music room practicing guitar… is Jeongmin! Wearing school uniform in a music room reminds me of good memories when I was in high school!!

# Youngmin Putting on a dance time at an open place in school! Jeongminie hyung was seriously worried about the type of dance we were gonna do in-front of the camera! Worried about the dance wondering if.. Click on Boyfriend ‘Iyah’ music video right now~^^ !

# Hyunseong What do you think SoHyun-yang is thinking at the bus stop?

# Kwangmin Worried about the amount of knits worn by SoHyun-yang! And then noticed something~! I was curious about what she was on her mind, it’s because of her report card. What is SoHyun-yang’s test scores… Please show me~~!!!

# Kwangmin All the members returned back to dorms at dawn, leaving after the last motorbike shooting~ Because of the cold SoHyun-yang and the staffs suffered a lot and I tried to make them laugh and be strong! Be strong everyone. Smile~~^0^

Finally the last scene! How I look like going through the wind riding a motorbike… But today was the first time I set my eyes on a motorbike…^^;; And driving ㅠ_ㅠ Not really… The motorbike is fixed and I just have to shoot the scene.

How does it feel looking through Boyfriend’s music video filming together like? Did we answer to your curiosity if you were curious about how it was filmed?!!^^ If so you need to go watch the music video once again after going through the filming~ Hehe^^

Story | Boyfriend, the story of ‘I.y.a.h’

How was the song ‘I.y.a.h’ to you personally?

Donghyun: Boyfriend entered 2013 with an announcement about the first song we were gonna do in the year. We wish to put it all together with the members on New Years to show you a cool stage!
Hyunseong: Boyfriend’s new look and song in 2013!! We upgraded our look from JANUS for you to enjoy~!
Jeongmin: I turned 20 early in the year so it’s like a gift to sing together^^ On my birthday too, we kept practicing for ‘Iyah”s choreography since it’s such a heavy song!
Youngmin: Like ‘JANUS’ it is another way to show Boyfriend’s manliness in a song. We wanted to show our side that was anticipated!
Kwangmin: Being 19 years old, it was my last year to be in my teen-age therefore meeting 2013 with a first song!! We want to show what Boyfriend has transformed into!!
Minwoo: For myself, and Boyfriend I thought of showing an improved appearance from us~

While preparing for ‘I.y.a.h’..

Donghyun: While preparing for 2013 we celebrated New Years by shooting a music video drama scene together with Kim SoHyun-ssi and we met for the first time and after a short while we became very awkward because of what I had to do. That is I have to say “Do you want to go our with me?” to her^^;;
Hyunseong: The range of the music of the song is quite high so it was a little difficult to record it for the first time but I tried my best turning it to my kind of song! We tried doing other songs Half of us were anticipating for it, half of us were worried but the members are working hard in preparing and we got closer with each other.
Jeongmin: Preparing for the choreography is the most difficult for most of the members especially because of the waist-flip handstand part of the choreography which requires which needs one another to match it and this caused breathing problems.
Youngmin: The handstand part of the choreography needs proper breathing technique and trust between the member is important, that part of the dance was the most difficult to accomplish. However while practicing for the dance the members has to learn about one another which will increase the faith between the members.
Kwangmin: It was really cold the day when we shot the music video. Us Boyfriend has suffered together with the staff in the cold but I thought I should be stronger for them. I was nervous about the scene where I have to ride a motorbike since it’s my first time riding it but it was a lot of fun~
Minwoo: When we were preparing for it, the members werent in a very good condition, we were worried because we didn’t have enough time to prepare but Boyfriend hopes ‘Iyah’ would turn out great~!

‘I.y.a.h”s points?

Donghyun: ‘Iyah’ is like ‘JANUS’ where Boyfriend greets everyone by expressing our manly and tough charms! Please anticipate it a lot~
Hyunseong: Iyah has repetitive words and addicting melody that is chic with modernized choreography Through ‘Iyah’ you will be able to find Boyfriend that has transformed!!^^
Jeongmin: The song contains an intense electric sound together with the understanding to the lyrics of ‘Iyah’ while listening to the song is two of the main points of it! Don’t forget that.
Youngmin: The blend of the intense sound of the song’s power and the manly choreography makes it a cool song! Give it lots of love~!!
Kwangmin: The point (of I Yah) is the men’s cry and the strong song with the six members of Boyfriend as one is the perfect choreography that is achieved. Listen to it a lot~
Minwoo: We became more manlier than ever with and charismatic. Boyfriend’s interesting charm that we have never shown before. Could you see the charms Boyfriend is trying to show you?!^^

Video | Learning ‘I.y.a.h’ dance points directly from Boyfriend

Boyfriend will show three type of dance point from ‘I.y.a.h’!

Firstly Be manly and sexy, the point of this dance is the movement of the hands and pelvic to groove. Right hand from the chest sweeps down and do a wave action. The addictive choreography makes it easy to be followed. Boyfriend’s highly recommended dance move!
Secondly Boyfriend’s 4-dimensional member Kwangmin gave a name to this dance. Which is the ‘My Head Hurts dance’ iyah! Having a headache because of the my head hurts..feel(?) is a way to express the point of this dance. Slide to the left and slightly rising your head from the shoulder is the the way to do the dance for this choreography. The chic feel behavior is the point.
Thirdly Hidden in the video is the third and last point of the choreography! This is where the handstand dance takes place. The member’s breathing and dance move has to match and the faith of the members with each other is very important in this dance.

Source: 네이버 뮤직
credits + translations by: weloveboyfriend.wordpress.com


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