[Mag/Trans] 130110 Minwoo – K-POP WAVE Interview

1) What animal do you see yourself to be?

2) What is your habit?
Pulling my collar

3) What do you normally bring out?
Insoles and rings

4) Do you collect anything?
Western music, especially Flo Rida’s CDs.

5) When are you excited?
When I’m on stage

6) What did you dream of recently?
Discovering various types of different musics

7) When you were young what profession did you want to take up?

8) What is your ideal dinner?
My Mum’s kimchi jjigae

9) What must you do before you sleep?
Set my alarm

10) What do you want to try working as once?
Convenience store worker

11) What do you want to challenge?
Releasing a solo song

translated by: honeyrinayu | weloveBoyfriend.wordpress.com

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