[Pic/Trans] Boyfriend – Hello Baby Season 7 First Broadcast Event


Boyfriend’s Hello Baby First Broadcast Event

Super★Daddy Ta.lent.in.Child.Care.Develop.ment.Pro.ject.
Everyone please browse through Hello Baby Season 7

The long awaited KBSJoy Hello Baby Season 7 returns
Super★Daddy Boyfriend has Per.sonally Prepared Gifts!

To everyone, it will be on 2013.01.04 Friday at 11 PM!
Watch it on Korea’s No. 1 Entertainment Channel KBSJoy!

How to get the Collectible 100% Favorite Items!
{This part till down will not be translated as contest will only be available in Korea by SMSing}

source: vipAilin
translations by: weloveboyfriend.wordpress.com


3 thoughts on “[Pic/Trans] Boyfriend – Hello Baby Season 7 First Broadcast Event

  1. wah~ cant wait!
    the babies look so cute :3 but aren’t there supposed to be 3???
    i wonder if the oppas will be able to handle it …..
    wait, why are the oppas being appas now? they have a lot of time and i thought the older idols usually did this…

    • the Official gave out information and profile of 3 babies. but on the posters and other promotional, there are only two. we are not sure as well. we’ll just have to wait till the episode airs^^
      because Boyfriend will be taking care of the babies making them their “appa”. not really. young Idols do them too. B1A4, SHINee and more are examples^^

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