[Vid/EngSub] Boyfriend – Self Camera Season 2

Season 2; Episode 1 – English Subtitled

Season 2; Episode 2 – English Subtitled


Note: Episodes will be updated as soon as the subbing team release them~!             Please be patient^^  Bestfriends, hope you enjoy the new season! 

Source: PpyongSubs

~ Jessica 


3 thoughts on “[Vid/EngSub] Boyfriend – Self Camera Season 2

  1. ahhh~ jeongmin oppa is too cute and handsome and adorable x3
    haha~ wat’s oppa trying to do? aim for a commercial? next time don’t drink too much hot chocolate oppa and then you wont burn yourself and then it would be more perfect and then you will be chosen for a comercial XD!!!!
    *sigh* i feel so bad for oppa (and the other oppas too) T.T they have to work so hard and even when they’re tired :( if that was me, i would probably want to quit so many times but that is wat makes my oppas amazing and awesome TuT

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