[Trans/Pic] 121124 Donghyun – Daum Cafe Update

Original: [동현] 맛있어?^^

내기에 졌어도 오빤 행복하다!!! 우리 베프한테 맛있는 버블티 사줄수 있어서~~~~♥ 맛있게 먹구 이따 또 봐!!! 근데 영민아.. 맛있어?ㅋㅋ -[B.F동현]

2012.11.24 토요일
행복한 오빠가♡♡

Translation: [Donghyun] Delicious?^^

Even though I lost the bet and oppa is happy!!! Buying a delicious bubble tea for our Bestfriend~~~~♥ It’s so delicious to eat and see you later !!! But Youngmin ah.. delicious?ㅋㅋ -[B.F Donghyun]

2012.11.24 Saturday
Happy oppa

Credit: @G_Girlfriend on Twitter.


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