[News] 121120 Boyfriend’s Kwangmin makes fans swoon in bed pictorial

Boyfriend‘s Kwangmin made fans swoon with a recent photo shoot.

Photos of Kwangmin posing on a bed were uploaded onto an online community site under the title,“Boyfriend’s Kwangmin! Are his legs really that long? He shows off his [amazing looks] for the bed pictorial.” The photos show Kwangmin wearing a simple white t-shirt and pajama pants, while nestling in matching white sheets and pillows.

Netizens commented, “He has a combination of outstanding visuals and proportions”, “The bed pictorial makes my heart flutter!”, and more.

In other news, Boyfriend’s new album ‘Janus‘ recently topped Hanteo music charts.

Source: allkpop

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One thought on “[News] 121120 Boyfriend’s Kwangmin makes fans swoon in bed pictorial

  1. omo, oppa! do u ever feel freaked out by how long ur legs look when going to sleep?!
    that happened to me before and I was like “wat the wah?!” and got scared by my body proportions xD not that i look weird or anything but sometimes my long legs scare me o.o

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