[Trans/Pic] 121114 Donghyun – Daum Cafe Update

ORIGINAL: 버블티 한잔의 소중함과 행복… 버블하나하나가 내미각을 자극하는군 담엔 천사들이랑 내기하고싶은데 머없을까나? -[B.F동현]

2012.11.14 수요일
버블에게 인생을 배운 오빠가

TRANSLATION: A happy and precious cup of bubble tea…. As I eat the bubbles one by one my true colours start to show. Next time I would like to bet again with my angels but what else could there be to bet for? – [B.F Donghyun]

2012.11.14 Wednesday

Oppa who is learning about life from bubbles

Translations: makwangboi.tumblr.com
Source: Boyfriend’s Official Fancafe (http://cafe.daum.net/BOYFRIEN)


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