[Trans/Pic] 121110 Minwoo – Daum Cafe Update

ORIGINAL: 뿅!!! 오늘 무대는 어땠어요?!! 미리 녹화해서 짧게 밖에 못 만났지만.. 많이 응원와줘서 우리 베프 힘 팍팍 받고서 열심히 했는데>_< 그리구 밖에서 또 다같이 만날 수 있어서 넘 좋았어요♥ 제 포옹 따뜻했어요?ㅇㅅㅇ 낼은 우리가 준비한 선물 줄께여! 큰건 아니지만 우리 사랑 받아가세용~ 히히 그럼 잘 자구 내일 만나요♥ -[B.F민우]

2012.11.10 토요일


TRANSLATION: Bbyong!!!! How was today’s performance?!! Although we had an early recording so we couldn’t meet outside for a short while.. But we worked hard and gained lots of energy after receving Bestfriends’ support>_< And it was really good that we were able to meet once again outside with everyone♥ Was my hug warm?ㅇㅅㅇ Tomorrow we’ll be giving you the gifts we prepared! It isn’t something big but please receive our love~ Hehe. So sleep well and meet tomorrow ♥ – [B.F Minwoo]

2012.11.10 Saturday

Minwoo >_<

Credits: makwangboi.tumblr.com
Source: Boyfriend’s Official Twitter (http://twitter.com/G_Boyfriend)


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