[NOTICE] 121108 Purchasing notice for the release of BOYFRIEND official slogan!


This is Boyfriend Fanclub’s in-charge.

The members’ new transformation as well as a different image!!

How did you find today’s first ‘JANUS’ comeback stage?

Not caring the least bit about the cold weather and the ever so early recording time, thank you so much to all those who came. The members all had an enjoyable recording as well as the short hug event experience! Boyfriend members were truly delighted to meet the fans after so long!

You’ll be coming to support them tomorrow too right? Boyfriend’s hugs are ever ready^^

Also, Boyfriend’s support item! The official slogan is here!

From tomorrow onwards, you can purchase them at the broadcasting venues!!!

In future, you definitely~~! must not forget to prepare this sparkling slogan to cheer for Boyfriend!

-> Slogan + Zip pack

-> The actual slogan

+) Special Model: Our Maknae Minwoo

-> Purchase Info

– Price: W8,000

– From 9 November onwards, you can purchase the slogan at any music broadcasting venues.

– We hope that everyone pays in small domination for faster purchases.

Thank you.

Credits: makwangboi.tumblr.com
Source: Boyfriend’s Official Twitter (http://twitter.com/G_Boyfriend)


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