[News/Pic] 121111 Boyfriend’s 12-Men Synchronized Mirror Dance Attracts Attention

BOYFRIEND’s Synchronized Mirror Dance became a hot topic online.

BOYFRIEND revealed their Mirror Dance on the 10th November during MBC ‘Show! Music Core’.

On that day, BOYFRIEND in their full military outfit with golden touches danced powerfully with much synchronization. Their 180 degrees transformation in appearance to matured men with their cute charms caused the hearts of noonas to flutter in excitement and also caught the attention of many.Especially after their Synchronized Mirror Dance was shown. In the choreography for their new song ‘Janus’ choreography, the Synchronized Mirror Dance was when BOYFRIEND and their back-up dancers consecutively unfold themselves during their choreography formation. It’s like mimicking an exact face-to-face imagery when looking at the mirror, after this choreography was broadcasted, it became a hot topic in the online communities.After the broadcast, netizens responded saying, “Synchronized Mirror Dance was cool. The image of a 12-Men synchronization”, “Janus is seriously awesome. Synchronized Mirror Dance is awesome too”, “Synchronized Mirror Dance is popular eh”

Meanwhile, BOYFRIEND’s new song ‘Janus’ is a song that shows off new wave style music; with a glorious string of emotional melodious piano sounds, and groovy bass and completely matured vocals. The song about a man’s two-faced expression as he locks away his heartache while sending away his girl with a smile.

Credits: makwangboi.tumblr.com
Source: TVN Report (http://www.tvreport.co.kr/?c=news&m=newsview&idx=279794)


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