[Trans/Pic] 121108 Boyfriend – Donghyun’s Fancafe Updated

Original: [동현] D-DAY!

두 개의 D-DAY! 수능 그리고 보이프렌드 야누스 컴백!!!!!!! 베스트프렌드의 수능은 보이프렌드가 응원할께요! 보이프렌드의 컴백은 여러분이 응원해주세요^^ 기다릴께요 좀 이따 만나요~♥ – [B.F동현]

D-DAY 새벽에 오빠가

Translation: [Donghyun] D-DAY!

Two D-DAY! SAT and BOYFRIEND Janus comeback!!!!!!! Boyfriend will always support on BESTFRIEND’s SAT! Everyone please support BOYFRIEND’s comeback^^ I will be waiting a little to see you later~♥ – [B.F Donghyun]

D-DAY oppa at the dawn

Credit: @G_Girlfriend
*Please take out with full credit!


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