[Trans/News] 121031 Boyfriend – “Electrical comeback on 8th November… Releasing of Janus pictorial”

Original news:

BOYFRIEND set to have a electrical Korean comeback in November

Starship Entertainment revealed this on their official Twitter account during noon on the 31st, attaching a pictorial of BOYFRIEND.
In the pictorial, Boyfriend no longer had their “flower boy image” that they always used to have, but instead had a vintage manly feel, showing off their charismatic sides.
This time Boyfriend’s outfits concept daringly used strikingly different colors like red and black, as well as having golden accessories, making them very eye-catching.
Starship Entertainment said, “Boyfriend will be different from before. Not only will they show their manly side, they will show a different kind of charisma on stage,” showing their strong confidence in this comeback.
In related news, Boyfriend is set to comeback on the 8th of next month.

source: OSEN
translations: honeyrinayu | weloveBoyfriend.wordpress.com

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2 thoughts on “[Trans/News] 121031 Boyfriend – “Electrical comeback on 8th November… Releasing of Janus pictorial”

  1. wah 0.0 ~ look at the transformation my handsome oppas have gone through *0* (hot hot hot)
    it’s funny cause the other day my friend and i were talking and she was like “i wanna see boyfriend sexy!!” and now they are ^^!! look at my oppas looking like some bad-boys ;P so hot (tsszzzz *sound of cold water on very hot surface*)
    hmmm, wat’s janus pictorial???

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