[Trans] 121018 Hyunseong – Fancafe Update

[현성] 안녕~~?!

이쁜이들 안녕~~!! 저희는 오늘 일본에 갑니다! 무사히 공연 잘 마치고 돌아올께요~^^ 날씨 쌀쌀하니까 옷 따뜻하게 입고 감기 안 걸리게 모두 조심 또 조심!! 알겠죠?^^ -[B.F현성]

2012.10.18 목요일


“English Translation: [Hyunseong] Hello~~?!

Hello pretties~~!! We are going to Japan today! I’ll back safely after performing well~^^ Since the weather is chilly wearing warm clothes not to catch cold everyone be careful also watch out!! Okay?^^ -[B.F Hyunseong]

2012.10.18 Thursday

CR: Boyfriend’s Official Fan Cafe
Trans by: G_Girlfriend


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