[Pic/Trans] 120817 Donghyun – Daum Cafe update: Out and About

[Donghyun] It’s hot right?

It’s really hot right?!!! Where we were from is a secret~! We ate homemade patbingsu*~~ Taking a bite^0^~ My mouth is already filled with patbingsu*kekeke A bonus of cutie Minwoo! – [B.F Donghyun]

2012.08.16 Thursday
Oppa is gone making patbingsu!


T/N: *Patbingsu is a shaved ice dessert.

source: Boyfriend’s Daum Cafe
translations by: imzee | weloveboyfriend.wordpress.com

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About imzee

Hello. You can call me Zee. I am forever a SHINee World and a hardcore BestFriend. I also have girl-crushes on IU, SECRET, f(x) and T-ARA's Jiyeon. I am also huge fans of B.A.P and G-Dragon. I am a Translator-Admin-Moderator at weloveBoyfriend.wordpress.com. Nice to know you~^^

11 thoughts on “[Pic/Trans] 120817 Donghyun – Daum Cafe update: Out and About

  1. i wanna taste some!!!!!
    yeah, i see donghyun oppa has some in his mouth (cheek s r bulging out ;P) ^^
    wonder who the people in the background are…. also, why r the oppas wearing mikes???

    • the people in the background are probably staffs and they are wearing mics probably because they are recording but Donghyun won’t tell what show it is xP

        • you’re welcome! it’s a pleasure to help :D it’s fun to see your comments around. thank you so much for taking your time to drop some comments. dont be afraid to ask anything if you’d like. we’ll try our best to help~ :D cheers.

          • don’t mention it!!! it’s for boyfriend so of course i would do this ^^ ~ (sometimes i try to push my brother off to go on but he just pushes me away again ;P)
            don’t worry, i’m not afraid to ask questions… i’m just wondering if you’ll be able to handle them all ^^ ;P
            also, i’ve noticed that only u answer my questions (not that i have a problem with that of course ^^ ;P) r u in charge of answering questions??

            • hehe. i will try my best! ^^
              no, not really. i am in charge of approving comments of course. and also our founder. while approving comments, i reply to people. the other staffs cant see the comments you give before i approve them. i guess thats why hehehe. im sure the others would like to reply too but i think i took over too much >.<

              • hahaha that’s cool~
                i wanted to join the staff but i don’t think i would be able to contribute much…
                i don’t get much boyfriend news here where i’m the only person i know who is a bestfriend……. oh well!

                  • yup i’ll make friends through this website
                    which reminds me…do u have a twitter?? i feel like we’re already friends so i think it would be good to chat through that (i feel as if we’re gonna turn this into a chatting sight!!) or maybe it would be better through email since we can’t say too much on twitter (i “talk” A LOT)

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